Now that we’ve put that ear worm in your brain, we just want to remind you we are in the heart of Blueberry season. Which means plenty of local blueberry beers to be had. The first time we ever had a blueberry beer, complete with blueberries bobbing up and down in the pint glass, was at the Eagle Brook Saloon in Norfolk. This western-themed tavern, once co-owned by legendary New England Patriot TE Russ Francis, opened in 1981 and was an early purveyor in blueberry beer along with Beerworks.

Although Beerworks may be no more after recently closing its remaining locations, there are still many local Massachusetts offerings featuring the blueberry to tantalize the tongue including probably the king of local blueberry beer, Wachusett. And there seems to be no limit to what you can create with this little blue orb as our list includes everything from ales and stouts to sours and Kölsch.

As always, please check brewery websites and social media for availability. If we find any more locally-crafted blueberry beers, we will be sure to add them to the list. Dang, that song is back in our heads again…



Bad Martha Beer BlueRaz Kettle Sour (Falmouth and Edgartown, MA) – A tart kettle sour made with blueberry and raspberry puréed by Bad Martha herself! ; )

Barewolf Brewing Luminous Tides (Amesbury, MA) – A 5% Wheat Ale with a “ridiculous” amount of local blueberries from @ciderhill_farm right here in Amesbury.

Barnstable Brewing Blueberry Ale (Barnstable, MA) – A 5.3% light, refreshing ale with blueberries from Maine

Black Hat Brew Works Blueberry Kölsch (Bridgewater, MA) – A Kölsch-style ale teaming with blueberry flavor

Brewery 44 Blue Line Blueberry Vanilla Ale (Carver, MA) – A blueberry ale with a light vanilla finish and a portion of the proceeds go to the Carver Police Department!

Cape Cod Beer Blueberry Coffee Porter (Hyannis, MA) – Their Cape Cod Porter is blended with blueberry coffee beans roasted locally at Cape Cod Coffee

Castle Island Brewing Righteous Blueberry (Norwood, MA) – A 5.2% tart blueberry fruited sour

Crue Brew Ultra Violet Blueberry Blonde Ale (Raynham, MA) – A blonde ale with a juicy flavor with over 29 pounds of blueberry puree. 

Crue Brew Blueberry Muffin Brown Ale (Raynham, MA) – They blend their Ultra Violet Blueberry Blonde Ale with their “delectable” maple porter for muffiny magic

Gardner Ale House Candy Mountain Charlie (Gardner, MA) – Their rotating series of fruit infused kettle soured wheat ales featuring blueberry

Harpoon Blueberry Matcha IPA (Boston, MA) – This Dunkin’ collaboration is a hazy IPA brewed with blueberries, matcha, and a blend of traditional and modern hops

Ipswich Ale Blueberry Shandy (Ipswich, MA) – A “zesty, citrusy, sweet” shandy with blueberry and lemon. It’s also Ipswich Ale’s 30th Anniversary and if you find a Golden Can in one of their 12-packs you can win a complimentary dinner at the Ipswich Ale Brewer’s Table January 11, 2022 and will be entered into a random grand prize drawing for an amazing $2,000 vacation voucher for the destination of your choosing!  Drink up and good luck!

Lost Towns Brewing Winsor Dam Wheat with Blueberry (Hardwick, MA) – Featuring Mt Rainier hops from Four Star Farms, this wheat ale available at the brewery is “garnished with dancing blueberries” from Lanni Orchards 

Mayflower Brewing Resistance Is Fruitile (Plymouth, MA) – Mayflower’s fruited kettle sour exploration series that currently features Blueberry And Pomegranate

Medford Brewing Electric Spark (Contract Brand, MA) – A blueberry fruited sour with a “hint” of blackberry. Look for this beer in distribution.

Mighty Squirrel Blueberry Smoovy (Waltham, MA) – A milkshake IPA with blueberries that is brewed with oats and lactose sugar and fermented with Madagascar vanilla beans

Night Shift Brewing Hoot Louder: Berry Blast (Everett, MA) – If you’re looking for a non-beer blueberry option, Night Shift  has a hard seltzer with blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry.

Oak & Iron Brewing Purple Rain Blueberry (Andover, MA) – Made with fresh blueberries and blueberry puree.

Old Colony Brewing Black and Blue (Whitman, MA) – A blueberry ale with blueberries swimming in the foam meant to mesmerize

Off Shore Ale Offshore Blueberry (Martha’s Vineyard, MA) – A straw color, 4.5% ABV seasonal favorite with just a hint of blueberries.

Opa Opa Brewing Berry Mania Blueberry (Contract – Williamsburg, MA) – A lager made with all natural flavors

Rapscallion Brewery Blueberry (Spencer/Sturbridge/Acton, MA) – A light, refreshing traditional blueberry ale

River Styx Brewing Forgetfulness & Oblivion (Fitchburg, MA) – An extremely limited batch of bottles that blend River Styx’s Forgetfulness Maine Blueberry Barleywine collab with Barreled Souls with Oblivion their Marshmallow and Oreo Imperial Stout collab with Barreled Souls to create “one flavorful dark beer.”

Rustic Brewing Mapleberry (Indian Orchard, MA) – A 7.2% sweet milk stout that evokes the breakfast combo of warm pancakes covered in blueberries smothered in maple syrup paired with a cup of coffee.

Rustic Brewing Blueberry Acai Lucid Dream (Indian Orchard, MA) – Part of their Lucid dream Kettle Sour series, this 5.2% brew has “tons of fresh blueberries, acai and Madagascar vanilla beans. Big Blueberry, subtle acai and smooth vanilla compliment the light acidity of the base beer. Who doesn’t like parfaits? Parfaits are deliious!

Samuel Adams Roll The Weiss (Boston, MA) – Exclusive to the Boston Taproom at Faneuil Hall, this 5.1% Berliner Weiss is brewed with blueberries and lemon for a “tart refreshing summer experience.”

Skyline Brewing B-Berry (Westfield, MA) – A 5.7% Blueberry wheat ale with “a delicate balance of Hallertau Mittlelfruh hops and all natural blueberry flavor.”

Skyroc Brewing Blue Bomber (Attleboro, MA) – A “tribute to Attleboro,” Skyroc brewed a 5.2% light-bodied Blueberry Wheat Ale

Tin Bridge Blueberry Guava Cheesecake (Westfield, MA) – Blueberry, guava and cheesecake, yes, cheesecake!

Tin Bridge Brewing Triple Berry Cheesecake (Westfield, MA) – An ale with blueberry, blackberry, black currant & cheesecake, yes, more cheesecake beer!!

True North Ales Turning Violet! (Ipswich, MA) – A tart sour ale “fermented with blueberry and Meyer lemon purées to produce bright flavors of blueberry lemonade and blueberry pastry.”

UFO Maine Blueberry (Boston, MA) – Brewed with real Maine blueberries for the authentic taste of Maine’s signature berries.

Untold Brewing Just Ripe (Scituate, MA) – A fruited sour that “drinks like your favorite lemonade with just a touch of sweetness from the real blueberry puree.” 5.4% ABV.

Wachusett Brewing Blueberry Ale (Westminster, MA) – A year-round classic from Wachusett, this blueberry wheat ale dubbed “New England’s Favorite Blueberry Ale” is wide-spread and easy-drinking.

White Lion Blueberry & Marshmallow (Springfield, MA) – A kettle sour with “loads” of blueberry and added marshmallow


*Featured photo by ranchonodinero

*All others photos from brewery websites and social media

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