Who Are The Mass. Brew Bros?

Bob (pictured left), aka Big Pride, and Rob (pictured right), aka Vintage V.
Full disclosure: we’re not actually brothers, though we’ve spent so much time drinking beer together it feels like we are. We’re actually just two guys in work shirts who love visiting breweries, tipping a few pints, and spreading the word about the amazing craft beer community in New England, especially our home state of Massachusetts. Our motto is “spreading good beer” and it’s what we enjoy most about our jobs, other than drinking, of course. More disclosure: we’ve actually got real day jobs. Our Brew Bros venture is more like a hobby gone wild. In the last two years we’ve traveled to more than 100 breweries (including every one in Massachusetts), racked up some 1,700 unique check-ins on Untappd, shared over 400 photos on Instagram, and posted more than 5,000 tweets. We’ve also got a Mass. Brew Bros Facebook page, and are pretty stoked about the new website. We hope you will be too.

Check out our 2015 Year in Beer video:  Mass. Brew Bros 2015 Year in Beer

What is the Bay State Beer Map and How Does it work?

If you’re anything like us, and based on the number of craft beer drinkers we’ve seen along our travels we’re betting you are, there’s nothing quite like drinking a fresh beer right at the source. Aside from frequenting your own neighborhood brewery (if you don’t have one yet, you will soon) that usually requires a road trip. That’s where the Beer Maps come in! We’ve plotted every visitable Massachusetts brewery (there are currently 80, and that number is quickly growing) on regional maps and provided you with the basic information you need to plan your next beer road trip.

How Else Can I Use the Website?

We want MassBrewBros.com to be your go-to resource for all things craft beer in Massachusetts, even if you’re not planning a brewery visit. Use our Events Calendar to be in-the-know about the biggest and best beer happenings in New England. Never miss a craft beer headline by perusing our Brew News page. You can even keep informed on other Bay State beer makers (those without a visitable space) on the Mass. Beer page. And you’ve already discovered our blog, which we plan to update weekly with our own opinions as well as those of other passionate experts (contact us if you have a story you’d like us to post). Want to know more about local craft beer? Start right here. Cheers!


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