Massachusetts Brewers: By Category

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Contract Brewers

You can’t visit them, but you can drink their beer.


3 Beards Beer Company:
Founded in 2010, they now brew their beer at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg.

Backlash Beer Company:
Established in 2009, they now brew at Dorchester Brewing Company,
but will open their own brewery in Roxbury in late 2017.

Brazo Fuerte Artisanal
Established in 2015, their beer is currently brewed at Great North Ale Works in NH. Winner of the 2016 Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream award, they are looking for a brewery space in the Watertown/Waltham area.

Established in Northampton in 2011, their beer is now brewed at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg.

Clown Shoes Beer:
Established in 2009, they brewed at Mercury Brewing Co. in Ipswich until recently being acquired by Harpoon.

Entitled Brewing
Hingham-based home brewing project started contract brewing at Mercury Brewing Co. in 2014 and more recently at Dorchester Brewing Co. in Boston.

Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger
Originally crafted in a Cape Cod kitchen and launched in 2015, they recently announced a partnership to contract brew with Isle Brewer’s Guild in Pawtucket, RI while they search for a space to build their own facility on the Cape.

Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company:
Headquartered in Sturbridge, America’s first all-imperial brewing company contract brews beers ranging from 8% to 14% ABV at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg and has plans for a Worcester brewery and taproom in 2018. They also plan to launch a 2nd brand, Soul Purpose, which will focus on non imperial brews.

High Horse Brewery & Bistro:
Established as a brewpub in 2012 in Amherst Brewing’s old space, they sold their brewing system and now contract brew a few of their own beers. Rumor has it they may be looking into brewing on premises again in the future.

Howler Brewery: Howler Brewery on Facebook
Brewer Jonathan Benson opened in his nano production brewery in Hatfield in 2013, closed in 2015, and re-opened as a contract brewer at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg in April of 2017.

Medford Brewing
Now contract brewing at Dorchester Brewing Company while searching for a brewery location in the Medford area.

Headquartered in Boston, they make a protein-enriched beer for active life, brewed out of von Trapp Brewery in Vermont. They recently announced plans to open a brewery and taproom in the greater Boston area by 2018.

Naukabout Beer
Cape Cod craft brewer is currently contract brewing at Thomas Hooker in Connecticut,
but will open their own brewery and taproom in Mashpee in 2017.

Opa Opa Brewing:
Formerly a brewpub, they no longer brew on premises. Instead, Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg brews the beer for the steakhouse as well as for their distribution. The steakhouse and brewery are apparently up for sale.

Portico Brewing:
Established in 2012 as a Gypsy brewer, they started at Watch City Brewing in Waltham and are currently brewing small batch offerings out of Mercury Brewing Co. in Ipswich.

Established in 2017, they are a husband & wife team from Hingham who currently contract brew at Shebeen Brewing in Connecticut.

Swing Oil Beer Company:
Contract brewed at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg, you can find it at numerous Bay State golf courses.

Wash Ashore Beer Company:
Established in 2016, they contract brew at Shipyard Brewery in Maine and distribute on Martha’s Vineyard and in the South Coast area.

White Lion Brewing Company:
Established in 2014 as the first Springfield-based craft beer producer, they brew at Mercury Brewing Co. in Ipswich and at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg, but plan to open a brewery and taproom in Springfield sometime in 2018.

Zelus Beer Company:
Launched in February of 2017, they develop recipes out of a pilot production brewery in Medfield and contract brew at Mercury/Ipswich.


Other Mass. Beer Makers

It’s not always easy to find their beer, but you can if you try.


Arcpoint Brewing: Arcpoint Brewing on Facebook
Air Force Veterans brewing out of a shed in Belchertown, they brew small batches and distribute to local restaurants. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they hope to start canning in 2018 and eventually open a brewery and taproom in the future.

Bay State Beer Company:
Contract brewing its flagship brews at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services in Williamsburg. They also have a pilot brewery in Leicester, and hope to open a tasting room in Worcester County at some point in the future.

Bear and Bramble Brewing: Bear and Bramble on Facebook
A 1/2-barrel production nano brewery in Northampton that launched in February of 2017, they design high quality craft beers.

Berkley Beer Company:
Nano brewery currently producing small batch beers in Berkley. They will move to a larger brewery with a taproom in Taunton in 2018.

Brewmaster’s Brewing Services: Brewmasters on Facebook
Formerly Opa Opa Brewing Services, the are now an independent production contract brewery in Williamsburg that produces more than a dozen Mass. brands. They occasionally have special events at the brewery and have a pop-up beer garden on Thursdays in the summer.

Charlton Beer Company: Charlton Beer Company on Facebook
Successful home brewers are now fully licensed and producing a very limited amount of commercial beer for the immediate area.

Established in Wayland in 2013, this small production brewery provides a few craft beer styles for draft at local area restaurants.

Henry and Fran Brewing: Henry and Fran Brewing on Facebook
Veteran-owned production nano brewery in West Boylston, you can find their beer at various locations around Central Mass. and beyond. They recently announced plans to move to a larger space and open a brewery and taproom.

Merrimac Brewing: Merrimac Brewing on Facebook
A production pilot brewery in West Newbury, they commercially contract brew one beer, Epic IPA, at Mercury Brewing in Ipswich. They have a small taproom that allows visitors upon reservations.

Moon Hill Brewing: Moon Hill on Facebook
The Gardner Ale House recently started distributing its beers to bars and restaurants under the parent company’s name, Moon Hill.

Old Planters Brewing Company:
A production nano brewery in Beverly, they’ve started contract brewing and may look to open a visitable brewery and taproom in Beverly if current demand for their beer continues.

Outlook Farm Brewery:
Nano farm brewery in Westhampton that brews and sells small batch beer from its farm store. You can enjoy full pours during their farm festivals, which occur monthly from June to October.

Owen O’Leary’
Westborough brewpub brewing beer for all three restaurant locations (Westborough, Brockton/Easton, Southborough).

Scantic River Brewing:
Established in 2012, this Hamden-based production nano brewery makes small-batch beers for the Springfield area.

Spencer Trappist
Micro brewery producing Trappist ales at their monastery in Spencer, they are the only Trappist brewery in the U.S.. You can only visit during their annual open house event held each June.

Still River Brewery:
Established in 2014, they are a production nano brewery located in Ayer.

Still River Winery: Still River Winery/Brewery
A winery in Harvard, they started brewing a Rauchbier style Apple Wood Ale in small batches in 2015.

They have a production pilot brewery in Colrain, but have started contract brewing at Brewmaster’s Brewing Services and Berkshire Brewing. Long-term plan is to expand to a 10-barrel system at a new location.

Vanished Valley
A production micro brewery in Ludlow that is currently distributing to restaurants and bars. They recently began on-site can and growler sales on Wednesdays. Additionally, you can get their beer on draft at their sister restaurant, Europa, right next-door.


Pending Breweries

Some are already producing beer, and you should be able to visit them soon!


6A Brewing Company:
A micro brewery and taproom planning to open in East Sandwich in late 2016.

Altruist Brewing Company:
A microbrewery and taproom planning to open in Sturbridge this October.

Amory’s Tomb Brewing Company:
A brewery and taproom planning to open in Maynard in late 2017 or early 2018.

Aquatic Brewing: aquatic
They plan to open a brewery and taproom in Falmouth in spring of 2018.

Burke’s Alewerks: Burke’s Alewerks on Facebook
Long time home brewer Brian Burke is planning to open a 5-barrel micro brewery and taproom in Hanover in early 2018.

Canned Heat Craft Beer: No website of Facebook
They plan to open a micro brewery and taproom focusing on hop-forward beers on the waterfront in Fall River in Spring 2018.

Distraction Brewing: Distraction Brewing on Facebook
Two locals, one a veteran home brewer, will open a nano brewery and taproom in Boston’s Roslindale Village in Spring of 2018.

Democracy Brewing:
They plan to open a worker-owned brewpub in Boston’s Downtown Crossing neighborhood in April of 2018.

Drunken Rabbit Brewing: Drunken Rabbit on Facebook
They plan to open a brewery and taproom in South Hadley by the end of the year.

East Regiment Beer Company: East Regiment on Facebook
Formerly know as Massachusetts Bay Colony Brewing, they are in the build out phase of their brewery and taproom in Salem.

Floodwater Brewing: No website or Facebook
Nano brewery and tasting room planning to open in Buckland by end of this year.

Leadfoot Brewing: No website or Facebook
Two home brewers plan to open a 30 barrel micro brewery and taproom in Chicopee.

Hopsters Fort Point:
Brewpub, Taproom, DIY on-premises brewery in Newton, pending second location in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood

Off The Cuff Brewing Company:
Based in Western Mass., they are searching for a brewery and taproom space between Worcester and Springfield and may start contract brewing in early 2018.

Remnant Brewing: Remnant on Facebook
Will open a brewery and taproom in Union Square’s (Somerville) new Bow Market in April of 2018.

Second Wind BrewingSecond Wind on Facebook
Brewery and taproom planning to open in downtown Plymouth in October or November.

Slumbrew (Somerville Brewing):
The existing brewery will open a second brewhouse and restaurant at Assembly Square in Somerville in late November or early December.

Stellwagen Beer Company:
Planning to open a micro brewery and taproom on the South Shore in the first half of 2018.

Timber Yard Brewing:
Matt Zarif, formerly at Stone Cow and Tom Sutter, previously at Medusa, will transform an old lumber yard in East Brookfield into a brewery and taproom, hoping to open in spring of 2018.

Walden Woods Brewing:
In the process of opening a brewery and taproom in downtown Marlborough, they hope to be open by the end of the 2017.

Breweries in the Making

Pre-pending breweries in various stages of planning and development


Agapé BrewingAgapé on Facebook
Planning to open a nano brewery and taproom in Beverly in 2018, focusing on hazy, hoppy, juicy NE style IPAs.

Anawan Brewing Company: 
Hoping to be Rehoboth’s first craft brewery, they’re currently dialing in recipes on a pilot brewing system and planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help them open a nano brewery and taproom.

Article Fifteen: Article Fifteen on Facebook
Founded by an veteran Army combat medic and his fiancee, a paramedic and nurse, they hope to open a nano brewery on the South Shore in 2018.

Brato Brewhouse & Kitchen: Brato Brewhouse & Kitchen on Facebook
Alex Corona and Jonathan Gilman, brewer and sous chef at Cambridge Brewing Co., aim to open in Brighton in summer of 2018, offering thoughtfully crafted beer and food inspired by the many forms of fermentation. Look for their collaborations and pop-ups in the meantime.

Cabral Brewing Company: Cabral Brewing Co. on Facebook
They aim to create new and alternative ales to accompany craft beer drinkers on their discoveries, and hope to open a nano brewery and taproom in Woburn by end of 2017.

Conspiracy Brewing: Conspiracy Brewing on Instagram
Five home brewers working on opening their own brewery, likely on the North Shore.

Crue Brew Brewery:
Small family brewery hopes to open in Raynham some time in late 2017or early 2018.

Fat Squirrel Brewing: Fat Squirrel on Facebook
A home brewing operation in Shirley with long term plans to go commercial.

Granite Coast Brewing:
A nano brewery in the planning phase, currently searching for a location on the North Shore, preferably Salem.

Great Awakening Brewing Company: Great Awakening on Facebook
Pre-pending nano brewery in Westfield.

Grist & Kettle Brewing:
Nano brewery and tasting room that hopes to open in Leominster some time in the future.

Kayfabe Brewing: Kayfabe on Facebook
Small batch non-commercial brewer in Somerville. Has an on-going series of collaboration beers with Aeronaut Brewing and may look to start contract brewing in the future.

Pitkin Point Brewery: Pitkin Point Brewery on Facebook
Sharing family and American heritage through good beer, they are currently looking into either contract brewing or opening their own brewery and taproom near Concord.

Redemption Rock Brewing: No social media yet
They plan to open a brewery, taproom, and cafe in the downtown Worcester area in 2018.

Rustic Brewing: Rustic Brewing on Facebook
Currently in the planning phase, these aspiring home brewers hope to share their passion for brewing New England style IPAs by opening a nano brewery in East Longmeadow.

Skyline Trading Company:
Craft beer and wine bar, bakery, and home brew supply store in Westfield with long range plans to add a brewery.

Small Mighty Brew: No Website or Facebook page yet
A husband and wife team from the South Shore currently brewing out of their kitchen. They are in the beginning stages of starting their own brewery and hope to have three beers in regular production by the end of 2017.

Spacelab Beer Company: Spacelab on Facebook
Non-commercial nano brewers who produce notably juicy IPAs, they plan to open a brewery and taproom in Beverly in early 2018.

Stormlight Brewing:
Ipswich-based nano brewer hopes to be contract brewing at some point in 2017, long range plans for a brewpub.

Tackle Box
Searching for a brewery location in the Marlboro area, and is considering contract brewing in the mean time.

Troy City Brewing: Troy City Brewing on Facebook
Hopes to open a production brewery in his home town of Fall River.

Two Weeks Notice Brewing Company:
Previously a licensed nano brewery, they are currently on hiatus while searching for a location in the Westfield area to open a brewery and taproom.

Vitamin Sea Brewing: Vitamin Sea Brewing on Facebook
Successful home brewers planning to open a nano brewery in Hull some time in 2018.

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