It was nearly four weeks ago when Harpoon surprised just about everybody on the local craft beer scene by acquiring Clown Shoes Beer, the largest contract brewer in New England. Little has changed for the edgy brewer of bold beers like Galactica, an 8% Double IPA, or Chocolate Sombrero, a Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout, accept of course that their beers are now being brewed at Harpoon’s South Boston brewery. And starting this week, you can enjoy both of the aforementioned offerings on tap at the Harpoon Beer Hall. Galactia is scheduled to go on today, and Chocolate Sombrero either later today, or soon thereafter.

“Having brought the whole team with me it feels absolutely amazing to see my coworkers so positive,” said founder Gregg Berman in a recent blog post, “even after what has been a strange, slightly jolting, and super busy time for all of them.”

Harpoon’s brewery and beer hall are open from 11:00 to 7:00 today for tours, pretzels, and fresh Harpoon and Clown Shoes beers.

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