PRESS RELEASE / April 6, 2020 (Medfield, MA) – Stockertown Beverage of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has launched with three of ZeLUS’ best-selling beers; Weekender (a German-Style lager), Race Pace (a New England IPA). and Competitor IPA.

Founded in January 2015 ZēLUS was created by a group of craft beer lovers who among them have run in dozens of marathons and half marathons, as well as competed in triathlons, half ironmans, and more. With past and present careers in product development, biochemistry and cell biology this unique team has brought their array of talents, expertise and passions together to develop a first of its kind brand and some exceptional beer.

ZēLUS Beer was designed specifically for your active lifestyle. Our unique proprietary brewing process creates a new type of beer that quenches your thirst – so toasting your PR won’t impede recovery. At ZēLUS, carefully identify beer styles, develop recipes, adjust water profiles, and keep alcohol content low to produce one of the most hydro-friendly beers that still tastes just as great as any of your favorite craft beers. A true Competitor with the best! Named after Zelus, the Greek spirit of competition  and rivalry, our craft beer was created for you to enjoy after your zealous endeavors.

Now available in Boston MA from Burke Distribution and Connecticut through Drinx Unlimited. For more information on how to get ZēLUS at your venue contact

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