Well known discount wine and beer store Yankee Spirits will release a limited amount of a special barrel-aged Spencer Trappist Holiday Ale this week. Brewed exclusively for the successful chain, whose first store opened in Sturbridge in 1971, it will be available to those who’ve signed up for its newsletter for on-line orders ($21 per bottle, 2 bottle limit) starting this Wednesday. A special email will be sent with all necessary details. It will be on sale to the general public at all of its stores, including the new Norwood location, this Saturday, December 9th. That’s also the grand opening of the new Norwood store.

The only Trappist brewery in the U.S., Spencer put a small batch of their “mahogany in color, wholesome in body, lightly spiced, and a heart-warming feast day ale” into Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels and aged it for ten months. The brain child of the Yankee Spirits corporate beer team, headed by Joe Santos and Kenny Hall, its the second in a series of Spencer offerings brewed exclusively for Yankee Spirits and aged in barrels from their hand-selected single barrel collection.

We had the privilege of tasting some from its 750 milliliter cork & cage bottle a couple weeks ago (it’s good to be a Brew Bro), so we can vouch for its worthiness. And with just under 1,000 bottles available, it’s not likely to last for long. We suggest you get some fast. The friends and family you share it with at your holiday meal will thank you.


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