There’s been a flourish of activity since our last Massachusetts brewery update six months ago, so here’s where we stand as 2018 comes to to a close. Have a look at the updated infographic, then scroll down for some insight on the numbers.


With 26 new breweries opening, one closing*, and three others on hiatus,** the total number of commercial beer makers in Massachusetts now stands at 178. That figure includes the 141 visitable breweries that have either a taproom for full pours, or a retail space/tasting room where you can sample and buy beer to-go. The remaining 37 are either contract brands or production breweries not zoned by their local authorities to accept visitors.

We know of another 24 pending breweries, those with a space secured and an application filed with the TTB for federal licensure, that intend to open in 2019. Behind them, are another 15 or so breweries-in-planning, meaning they’ve perfected recipes, likely have a name and a social media presence, and are in the process of hunting for a location, developing a business plan, and dreading all the licensing paperwork that awaits them. Note that the TTB website currently lists 225 federal licenses for Massachusetts, so the number of pending and in-planning breweries could be higher than our figure.

If all of the 24 pending breweries we’ve confirmed are able to successfully debut, a year from now Massachusetts will boast more than 200 in total. 

*New Bedford’s Greasy Luck Brewpub, which used a SmartBrew System, ceased brewing operations in May.

**Two Beerworks locations, Hingham and Salem, did not brew their own beer on-site this year. It was brewed and brought in from their other locations. No word as to whether the will restart brewing on site in the future. Contract brand Brazo Fuerte is also on hiatus, and has not brewed beer in several months as they search for a brewery space of their own.

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