PRESS RELEASE / December 15, 2017 (Jamaica Plain, MA)

The limited offering of your winter dreams is washing up to shore!
Introducing, the swaggering suds-man, delicious daredevil, adventurous dark beer, our Skwäshbuckle Imperial Porter. 

This rich and hearty limited offering is brewed with squash and spices, and pours dark brown with ruby red highlights, foaming up with a frothy, mocha colored head. Brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and clove, the initial sip of this porter is surprisingly light with notes of brown sugar and only a hint of the heat from its 10.7% ABV. The finish releases more complex notes of dried fruit, banana, clove, and hints of pine from the Cascade hops.

We are happy to announce the details of our first EVER limited release:
— on WEDNESDAY 12/20, open for to-go sales as well as pours, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
— $16 per bottle, taproom exclusive
— 60 cases, 1 case limit per person


This beer is named after the linguistic and phonetic spelling of squash, because umlauts are fun. It also shares a surname with Jim Buckle, the New England farmer who grew the 100 pounds of various baking squash that went into this beer.

We hand waxed each bottle in a black wax. This was the first time we have ever bottled a beer and we’re very excited about the results! Our hope is that we can start releasing our limited beers in this way, by doing special hours or special to-go hours and options for people.

Turtle Swamp Taproom Hours:



photos taken by Lindsay Donovan Turtle Swamp Taproom Manager




About Turtle Swamp Brewing

Turtle Swamp was the colonial name for the lowlands between Forest Hills and Jackson Square, a “swamp” that was a perfect, natural filter for the waters that flowed through it. This crystal clear water was ideal for making beer, and many breweries flourished here. Today, Turtle Swamp Brewing opens its doors in the heart of Jamaica Plain, bringing beer back to the first true home of American brewing. Turtle Swamp is located at 3377 WASHINGTON STREET, JAMAICA PLAIN, MA

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