Donut Shop from Widowmaker Brewing

One of the higher rated brews from Braintree’s new micro brewery, Donut Shop has a thick, caramel head with an aroma of dark coffee and chocolate. Cold brewed using roasted beans from Red Eye Coffee Roasters in Hingham.

Bennington from Night Shift

An Oatmeal stout brewed with Dutch-processed cocoa and maple syrup, it finished second in our blind taste test of nine Massachusetts stouts earlier this year. Widely available in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans.

Russian Imperial Stout from Berkshire Brewing

This dark-as-night interpretation of the traditional RIS has a rich maltiness and hints of chocolate, licorice, dark fruit. Its velvety texture bathes your palate in luxury, begging to be paired with a dessert or to be enjoyed as a nightcap.

Chocolate Sombrero from Clown Shoes Beer

Roasted dark malts plus extra chocolate malts plus ancho chile plus cinnamon plus vanilla extract plus a chocolate loving, beer drinking, Clown Shoes wearing, multi-limbed, gorgeous and glorious Mexican wrestler on the label.

10 Mile River Coffee Stout – Stage 4 from Skyroc Brewery

The fourth in a series that’s been released every month since August, this full bodied coffee stout has been aged in whiskey barrels from Rhode Island’s Son of Liberty Distillery.

Bewitched from Navigation Brewing

A Halloween twist on our their traditional Double or Imperial Stout, it’s only available at their brewery in Lowell, open today until 10:00. At 9% ABV, you’ll want to grab a bite to eat from the Empanada Dada food truck.

Norm Chocolate Coconut Stout by Wormtown Brewery

Brewed in honor of Norm Miller, AKA The Beer Nut, it’s a limited-release Oatmeal stout brewed with ten specialty malts, cocoa nibs, and one pound of house toasted coconut per gallon.


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