PRESS RELEASE / November, 27 2019 (Ipswich, MA) – True North Ales will release MIDNIGHT SNOW, our Winter Black IPA this week in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a Limited Release, available in 16 oz four packs at better beer stores throughout Massachusetts.

MIDNIGHT SNOW                        

Winter Black IPA 

ABV 6.9%

Brewed with a rich, lightly roasted malt body to complement heavy additions of piney Pacific Northwest hops. Aromas of spruce and juniper pair with flavors of coffee and chocolate orange.

We brewed this beer to produce clean, malt forward flavors, and allow hop and spice to pop. The malt bill was composed of several specialty malts to provide plenty of heavy malt/toast, spicy/earthiness, caramel sweetness, and a rich black color without the acrid/charcoal of a porter or stout. For spicing and hopping, we used Pacific Northwest hops and whole juniper berries to provide piney/conifer-like qualities.


About True North Ales

The True North Ale Company is located on Boston’s North Shore in historic Ipswich, Massachusetts. The word “True” of True North Ales has special meaning to us and reflects our core values of integrity and honesty in all that we do. “North” refers to Boston’s North Shore, our home. And “True North” reflects the nautical and maritime heritage of Ipswich and the surrounding communities.



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