PRESS RELEASE / March 20, 2018 (Ipswich, MA) - True North Ale Company, a brewery in the scenic North Shore 
community of Ipswich, has announced the release of three new beers all to be available in their taproom. The new 
offerings will include, a Belgian Sour Flanders Red, Belgian Tripel and a New England-style IPA that will become a core brand later this Spring. 


BROUGES Belgian Sour Flanders Red is brewed with seven malts, noble hops, and Belgian yeast. Aged on oak chips. Sour fruit character of black cherry, red currant, and plum complement qualities of apple cider and red wine.     IBU 18     ALC/VOL 6.0%

Availability: Select bars, restaurants, and shops throughout MA; True North Ales Taproom, Ipswich, MA


Package: 16 ounce can; 5.16 gallon keg, and 15.5 gallon keg; 12 ounce Belgian Tulip glass


Brouges is our “cold months” sour and will only be available for a short time this spring, returning in a wider distribution in the fall.


TRIPEL PLAY Belgian Tripel is brewed with pilsner malts, small amounts of aromatic and Munich malts, Belgian yeast, and a large dose of candi syrup. Styrian Goldings and Tettnanger hops lend a noble, spicy, and green hop edge.    IBU 32     ALC/VOL 9.5%

Availability: True North Ales Taproom, Ipswich, MA


Package: 12 ounce Belgian Tulip glass


Tripel Play is Taproom only.


NORTHERN HAZE New England Juice Bomb IPA is brewed with unmalted barley and wheat atop a blend of base malts  to provide a full mouthfeel and a heavy hop/protein haze. Fruit forward ale yeast and ample additions of Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria hops provide aromatics of passion fruit, stone fruit, and berries.     IBU 38     ALC/VOL 6.7%

Availability:True North Ales Taproom, Ipswich, MA


Package: 16 ounce Willi Becher pub glass


Northern Haze will become a core brand for us, fitting nicely between our North Shore New England Session IPA and our Squared New England Double IPA. We intend to can and keg Northern Haze for distribution throughout the Commonwealth later this spring.


About True North Ales: 

The True North Ale Company is located on Boston’s North Shore in historic Ipswich, Massachusetts. The word “True” of True North Ales has special meaning to us and reflects our core values of integrity and honesty in all that we do. “North” refers to Boston’s North Shore, our home. And “True North” reflects the nautical and maritime heritage of Ipswich and the surrounding communities.

True North Ales has a unique perspective on brewing beer with a multi-generational group of family and friends working together to produce some highly creative craft beers. Our team is excited to be brewing juicy American IPAs, sophisticated Belgian ales, classic German lagers, cutting-edge sours, and many more traditional and experimental styles.

Newly built and opened in the fall of 2017, the brewery boasts a 15,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art brewing equipment, a high-speed canning line, and on-site taproom and patio. Our taproom offers a welcoming environment to thirsty locals and out-of-town visitors, and a gathering place for business and community groups.

The taproom serves pints and flights of the True North Ale Company core brands, as well as batches found exclusively at the brewery. Growler fills and packs of cans are available for retail take-away from the taproom. Our beers will also be found in bars, restaurants, and on store shelves throughout the region.

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