PRESS RELEASE / April 25, 2023 (Massachusetts) – The Mass Brewers Guild, the state’s trade association that exists to protect and promote the interests of Massachusetts craft breweries, has partnered with Mainvest, a Salem-based investment platform enabling small businesses to harness community investment to fuel their growth, to launch “Investing in Massachusetts Craft Brewers,” a program to enable individuals of any income level to become investors in the growing Massachusetts craft beer community.

“Owning, operating and growing a successful craft brewery takes capital — funds that can be difficult to come by in today’s tight lending market,” says Katie Stinchon, executive director of the Mass Brewers Guild. “Mainvest has helped several of our state’s breweries get up and running so they can help revitalize downtown areas, employ locals and drive traffic and tourism to our state. We are excited about our new partners in this space and the support local investors can provide to aid these small business owners in fulfilling their dreams.”

Over the past five years Mainvest has helped over 350 small businesses, and over 50 craft breweries, across America access capital to maintain and grow their small businesses, providing local communities with great food, good beer, local jobs, local wealth building opportunities and spaces that support and build community. Through Mainvest’s innovative platform, they allow anyone to become an investor in their community, investing with as little as $100 in local businesses and real estate offerings, strengthening the connection people have to their small businesses while providing capital on friendly terms to local entrepreneurs.

“Massachusetts Craft Breweries have become a major force in local economic development, job creation and community building,” said Jonathan Berk, Mainvest’s VP of Growth and Partnerships. “We’re thrilled to be able to work with Massachusetts Brewers Guild to provide individuals across Massachusetts the opportunity to invest directly in their favorite local breweries while providing area breweries with this new opportunity to access the capital they need to sustain and grow their operations locally.”

Anyone interested in raising funds for their brewery or signing up to be alerted of new investment opportunities in Massachusetts breweries can sign up on the “Investing in Massachusetts Craft Brewers” landing page (

An explainer video from a recent webinar can be found here as well as a PDF

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