PRESS RELEASE / December 10, 2021 (Colrain, MA) – Stoneman Brewery will be open December 18-19th (Sat-Sun) from 10-4p.m. for direct sales at the brewery (20 Stetson Brothers Rd Colrain MA).

The King Korby Imperial Stout (9%) and the MONK Belgian style ale (9.3%) will be available…

Stoneman Brewery’s Beer CSA makes a great gift! We still have 40 spaces left for our 2022 Beer CSA.  You can join by going to our website ( to sign up, or during the weekend that we are open at the brewery.

Stoneman Brewery will be open the first weekend in February (5th-6th, Sat-Sun 10-4p.m.) and will release the Beezerker Braggot (10%) and the GhostHog Imperial Brown ale (9%).

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Stoneman’s Beer CSA…

A CSA share is a case of Stoneman Brews every other month from April ’22 – October ’22 for a total of 4 cases of beer.
Stoneman Brewery will be open the first weekend of every month. CSA members have the choice to either come to the brewery that first weekend to customize their case of beer OR pick up a set mixed case of beer from Pine Hill Orchards at their convenience starting that next Monday. (No customization is possible with cases picked up from Pine Hill, thank you for understanding.)
A case of beer consists of 12 (twelve) 500 ml bottles (16.9 oz).

The 2022 Beer CSA is limited to 100 shares and signup closes January 1st, 2022 so sign up soon!
If you want the best price for Stoneman beers then the CSA is the way to go.

CSA share cost: $234.40

Why a CSA?

CSA stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ and has been a highly successful model of selling fresh produce for many smaller farms all around the country for quite a long time. It is a way for producers (farmers, brewers, artists…) to have the capital they need to start making their product and the security of knowing that their product already has an outlet.

For Stoneman Brewery the CSA model has been essential not only to its financial survival but has also created an incredibly strong community around Stoneman. Having folks pay up front for a share of the beer Justin is going to produce does a few really amazing things: it gives him the money he needs for the ingredients to brew that beer, it also means that Justin knows where that beer is headed once it’s made. Not only that but he now has a personal connection with where that beer is headed and who is drinking it. It means the customer has a personal connection with the brewer and the story of the beer they’re drinking. And since Stoneman’s beer is made with nearly 100% locally sourced ingredients there is further connection to the farmers and maltsters in our community.


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