PRESS RELEASE / October 7, 2019 (SOMERVILLE, MA) – Small Change Brewing is partnering with Night Shift Distributing to expand its statewide distribution.

The decision comes shortly after Small Change saw increased demand for their line of beers, and opened new accounts at the rate of 1-2 per week over the summer. The expansion will put Small Change beers into easily four times the number of locations where you can currently find them.

“We had a really great summer and have been seeing a steady increase in demand for some of our beers,” said Mike Patterson, co-founder, Small Change. “As we continue to grow and meet that demand, it’s important that I spend more time on growing our business and engaging with customers, and a little less time behind the wheel.”

The partnership with Night Shift Distributing will allow for statewide coverage.

“We’ll have beers all over the state now, and we’ll be pretty well covered east of Route 91,” Patterson added. “We’re very excited.”


About Small Change Brewing Company

Founded by husband and wife team Mike Patterson and Emily Vides, Small Change Brewing Company is a contract brewery based in Somerville, after a decade of homebrewing and brewery jobs. Small Change focuses on quality small batches of beers they love to drink, many of them styles that are often overlooked in the market like an English Mild and Robust Porter. They currently contract brew out of Great North Brewing in Manchester, NH with a goal of opening a taproom in the near future. Learn more at 


About Night Shift Distributing

Our distribution roots began out of a Subaru Outback in 2012, which we used to make delivery drops throughout Greater Boston. Self distribution taught us the importance of product quality, freshness, brand control, customer service, and high-quality relationships. 

In 2016, we began Night Shift Distributing to offer a fresh approach to MA beer distribution. Our mission is to offer a world class selection of craft beverage options. We look to disrupt the MA wholesaler landscape by offering craft beverage producers a like-minded distribution partner. With the support of our customers, we can impact the direction of today’s monopolistic MA wholesaler landscape and create something better for beverage distribution!

Our portfolio includes an array of craft beer, wine, spirit, and non-alcoholic beverage brands. Click here to learn more!


(photo credit: Small Change Brewing)



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