FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / BOSTON, MA. – RiverWalk Brewing Co. of Newburyport, MA was named one of the fastest growing small and independent craft breweries of 2018 by the Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers. 

“It’s amazing to look back and think we started brewing in a 3-gallon pot in our garage along the Riverwalk Trail” says Steve Sanderson, owner of RiverWalk Brewing. “We are definitely excited for what is yet to come”. 

The second edition of this annual list offers insight into the depth and diversity of growth within the craft brewing industry. RiverWalk was ranked 27 among 50 small and independent breweries from across 27 states. In 2018 RiverWalk expanded distribution of its beer to Maine, New Hampshire, the South Shore of Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands helping fuel growth. 

Median growth from all the breweries on the list was 163 percent with the median size being 1,350 barrels of in-house production in 2018. Breweries on the list range from 50 barrels to more than 40,000 and grew from less than 70,000 barrels collectively in 2017 to more than 170,000 barrels in 2018.  As a group, these brewing companies represent approximately 10 percent of total craft growth by volume for the year, and include 13 brewpubs, 35 microbreweries and two regional craft breweries. 

“Even as market competition continues to increase, these small and independent breweries and brewpubs demonstrate there are still growth opportunities across a diverse set of regions and business models,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association.

View & Download Map of Top 50 Fastest Craft Brewing Companies

Methodology: The list presented includes only small and independent breweries. Growth is measured based on production at their own facilities. Breweries must have opened by December 31, 2016 or earlier to be considered. It only includes breweries that reported 2018 production to the Brewers Association’s annual Beer Industry Production Survey; breweries with staff estimates or data from state excise tax reports were not considered. Breweries also needed a validated production figure for 2017, either via the production survey, or state excise tax data.

About RiverWalk Brewing Co.
Brewing our unique style of craft beer in Newburyport, MA since 2012. Our approach is rooted in history and blended with our worldly vision for what beer can be.


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