Idle Hands Craft Ales Announces Second Annual Funky Friday

MALDEN, Mass. – November 21, 2017 – Idle Hands Craft Ales will be hosting its second annual Funky Friday celebration on Friday, November 24, 2017.

What is Funky Friday?

Funky Friday is Idle Hands’ annual one-day celebration of beers that develop tart, dry, fruity, and floral flavors due to mixed culture fermentation using wild yeasts like Brettanomyces and bacteria such as Lactobacillus. In other words, funky beers.

Idle Hands has a tank in its brewery called Funky Town, which it has dedicated to exploring new flavors in beers through mixed culture fermentation. For the past year, Funky Town has contained a proprietary house blend of yeast and bacteria used to brew six different beers as part of an experimental brewing program called the Funky Town Project. Through the year, the cultures in the tank morphed and evolved, giving each of the six beers a unique flavor. Funky Friday is a tribute to the Funky Town Project and the beers that came out of it.

What’s on Tap

All six Idle Hands beers that were a part of its 2017 Funky Town Project will be available on draft for one day only. Additionally, the brewery will also feature a couple past funky releases that it’s pulling from its cellar.

  • Thing 1 – mixed culture farmhouse ale

  • Child of the Sun – mixed culture harvest grisette ale

  • Iron Garde – mixed culture biere de mars

  • Croupier – mixed culture biere de miel

  • Three Card Monte – mixed culture farmhouse ale brewed with rose petals, rose hips, and hibiscus

  • P-Funk – the sixth and final release from the 2017 Funky Town Project, a mixed culture farmhouse ale brewed with 300 pounds of peach puree

  • Charlton Rouge – Flanders-style red ale

  • Darkness Prevails – barrel-aged tart Belgian stout

  • B^3 – barrel-aged tripel with Brettanomyces

The regular Idle Hands lineup of beers will also be available to customers that aren’t feeling the funk.

Food: Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers will be serving up burgers and more from 1pm – 4pm; B. Good will have burgers, sandwiches, bowls, salads, and more from 4:30pm to 8:30pm.

When: Friday, November 24, from 12pm to 11pm

Where: Idle Hands Craft Ales – 89 Commercial Street, Malden, MA

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About Idle Hands Craft Ales

Idle Hands Craft Ales was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team, Chris and Grace Tkach. Today, it focuses on producing a wide-array of craft beer with uncompromising quality. Its taproom in Malden, MA, is open seven days a week, serving fresh IPAs, lagers, sours, and more for visitors to drink on-site or take home. To learn more, visit

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