PRESS RELEASE / September 30, 2021 (Boston, MA) – Night Shift Brewing today announces a new distribution partnership with The Sheehan Family Companies. After more than five years of operating Night Shift Distributing and servicing Massachusetts (and more recently Connecticut) the distribution arm achieved maximum success with over 35 partners, 2,000 active accounts, and over 2.4 million cases of beer, wine, and spirits delivered. The decision to sign with Sheehan Family Companies is a strategic pivot to position the Night Shift Brewing brand for future growth.

“We are so proud of what Night Shift Distributing was able to accomplish in just over five years of operating,” says Robert Burns, Co-Founder and President of Night Shift Brewing. “We have worked extremely hard and are grateful for the explosive growth that this arm of our business experienced. As we approach our 10th anniversary and look into the future, we realize the need for more horsepower and deeper market penetration to get our products into the hands of our fans. There is no better partner for this than The Sheehan Family Companies.”

“The Sheehan Family Companies are extremely excited to expand our business and portfolio with Night Shift Brewing here in their home market of Massachusetts, and beyond,” says Michael P. Brazel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Sheehan Family Companies. “Our Massachusetts and Connecticut divisions look forward to working alongside Night Shift’s team to introduce their portfolio of brands to new and existing consumers throughout our service area. Our mission is to partner with world class people who produce world class products with world class potential. Night Shift Brewing checks all the boxes.”

Night Shift Brewing is tirelessly dedicated to Crafting Better and the new partnership with The Sheehan Family Companies is aligned with that philosophy and mission. Not only does The Sheehan Family Companies comprise one of the largest distributor networks in America with 17 distributors in 12 states plus the District of Columbia, but the partnership will allow Night Shift Brewing to amplify their focus and build a stronger beverage business. The Sheehan Family Companies will commence distribution in the Massachusetts and Connecticut markets effective on October 18, with regional growth in additional markets to follow.


About Night Shift Brewing

Night Shift Brewing has its roots in a small kitchen on Josephine Ave in Somerville, MA. In 2007, Co-Founders Rob, Mike, and Michael began homebrewing at night, making beers for friends and family that they hoped were more delicious than the commercial options on shelves. In 2012, the trio moved their hobby to a small Everett warehouse and launched the business. They relied on a “craft better” mindset and their passionate community of loyal customers to quickly grow their staff and production. Night Shift Brewing is currently one of the top 100 craft breweries in the country by volume. For more information, please visit and follow along on Instagram @nightshiftbrewing, @nightshiftlovejoy, @owlsnestboston and @nightshiftcoffee.


About Sheehan Family Companies

The Sheehan Family Companies (SFC) is a diversified network of beverage sales and distribution organizations with expertise in brand development, marketing, logistics and customer service. We represent a wide array of the world’s finest breweries, wineries, distilleries and non-alcoholic beverages. Through five generations of family ownership and over one hundred and twenty years in business, SFC has grown to be one of America’s largest beverage wholesalers, providing dynamic leadership and marketplace innovation thanks to its talented and dedicated employees. Since our founding in 1898, SFC has prioritized civic responsibility and giving back to our local communities, leading by example while setting important foundations for the benefit of future generations. For more information, please visit

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