PRESS RELEASE / September 8, 2021 (Boston, MA) – Night Shift Brewing and One Mighty Mill, two local New England craft brands, announce a new collaboration for One Mighty Beer. One Mighty Beer is a hoppy Kolsch brewed with fresh milled wheat that is upcycled from One Mighty Mill’s stone mill in Lynn, MA. Bursting with body and character, One Mighty Beer sips clean and refreshing, brimming with citrusy notes of orange, tangelo and yellow peach at 5.6% ABV. The One Mighty Beer collaboration received support from Whole Foods Market, and exemplifies Whole Foods Market’s dedication to sourcing and supplying products from local purveyors. One Mighty Beer is available at select Whole Foods locations in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Maine and Massachusetts.

“One Mighty Beer is the latest collaboration between Night Shift Brewing and One Mighty Mill, showcasing our dedication to always craft better,” says Michael Oxton, Co-Founder of Night Shift Brewing. “One Mighty Beer is fresh, high quality and locally sourced to celebrate shared food systems between brewers and bakers!”

“One Mighty Mill & Night Shift Brewing are three like-minded companies.  We care about craft and creating and supporting sustainable, local food systems,” says Jon Olinto, Co-Founder of One Mighty Mill.  “It’s a dream come true to partner with them on this Mighty Beer!”

“Whole Foods Market supports and seeks to create win-win relationships with our suppliers while also satisfying and delighting our customers,” says Holly Long, local forager for Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Region. “It has been incredible to work alongside the teams at Night Shift Brewing and One Mighty Mill to assist in collaborating on this co-branded product that will be available at select Whole Foods Market stories and Night Shift Brewing. We can’t wait to share One Mighty Beer with our customers and toast to this delicious local offering.”

Night Shift Brewing and One Mighty Mill’s One Mighty Beer explores the relationship between brewers and bakers that dates as far back as ancient Egypt. Both brewing and baking share the same ingredients, and portions of the milling process that are not used in baking can be used in brewing. One Mighty Brew utilizes the fiber rich part of the wheatberry called the middling when Night Shift Brewing makes their malt, and upcycling the middling is a forward thinking practice that can positively disrupt the way local food systems function for an efficient and tasty use of resources. Night Shift Brewing and One Mighty Mill are both dedicated to a crafting better philosophy for their products and for the planet.


About Night Shift Brewing

Night Shift Brewing has its roots in a small kitchen on Josephine Ave in Somerville, MA. In 2007, Co-Founders Rob, Mike, and Michael began homebrewing at night, making beers for friends and family that they hoped were more delicious than the commercial options on shelves. In 2012, the trio moved their hobby to a small Everett warehouse and launched the business. They relied on a “craft better” mindset and their passionate community of loyal customers to quickly grow their staff, production, and distribution in the local market. Today, Night Shift Brewing operates locations in Everett and Boston MA, and distributes beer throughout MA, CT, PA, NY, ME, and NH. It is currently one of the top 100 craft breweries in the country by volume. For more information, please visit and follow along on Instagram @nightshiftbrewing, @nightshiftlovejoy, @owlsnestboston and @nightshiftcoffee.


About One Mighty Mill

One Mighty Mill is on a mission to bring the original superfood back to the table – Fresh-Milled Flour.  To do this, we’re reviving an ancient but healthier food system by building stone mills near organic farms in communities across the US. To catalyze demand for this healthier food system and create a positive impact on the world – we’re using our fresh-milled flour to bake the world’s most nutritious bread, bagels, pretzels and tortillas the world has ever tasted (in the last 150 years, of course!) Reviving an ancient, healthy partnership between millers and farmers is not easy – but we’re proving that flour – can be fixed. For more information, please visit

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