PRESS RELEASE / October 9, 2018 (Easthampton, MA) – We took our original ginger beer (unfiltered) and racked it into empty Ragged Mountain Rum barrels from Berkshire Mountain distillers. We decided to rack it before filtering in order to let the beer continue to dry out in the barrel and reach it’s terminal ABV of 11%.
The rum barrel imparts it’s own flavors while accentuating some flavors that are already inherent in the ginger beer itself. We taste a hint of sweetness, notes of vanilla and oak, along with accentuated flavors of molasses and mellow ginger.
The anniversary party itself will go from noon to midnight, with live music in the beer garden and food trucks all day. Details on event here: New City Brewery Third Anniversary Party

It will be available on tap and in 22 oz wax dipped bottles the day of their anniversary party while supplies last (they are hoping both make it through the day but it’s hard to say). 

About New City Brewery – We’re a small brewery dedicated to making hand-crafted alcoholic ginger beer. Our brewery is housed in a late 1800’s mill building set in historic Easthampton, MA. We strive to make great beer that speaks to the excellence of character of the region we represent. Proudly located in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, we consider ourselves revivalists, returning pre-prohibition style ginger beer to the people one bottle at a time.

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