Notable Craft Brewers Collaborate on Historic Nordic Inspired Beer


PRESS RELEASE / December 2, 2021 (PROVIDENCE, R.I.) – Iconic New England brewer Narragansett Beer today announces its partnership with Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing to launch the craft Nordic-inspired farmhouse ale Norse x NorseWest. Influenced by the rich history of brewing during the Viking Age, Norse x NorseWest is a modern take on historical tastes, crafted with American malts and Nordic yeast and brewed with Lingenberry, Juniper, Myrica gale, and European hops. At 8% ABV, the first collaboration from Narragansett and New Belgium evokes a balanced and unique blend of earthy, fruity, and herbal notes.

Spearheaded by brewing industry veterans and friends Lee Lord, Head Brewer of Narragansett Beer in Providence, R.I. and Kelly McKnight, Head Pilot R&D Brewer of New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, C.O, the collaborative brew unites both brewers’ exceptional industry knowledge and distinct tastes. Since first meeting at Watch City Brewing in Waltham, M.A. at the start of their careers, Lord and McKnight continued their friendship over a mutual passion for craft beer and innovation. Today, both are members of the Pink Boots Society, an international non-profit organization that supports women in the brewing profession.

“I’m beyond thrilled to collaborate with New Belgium Brewing and my close friend Kelly on Norse x NorseWest,” says Lee Lord, Head Brewer of Narragansett Beer. “This beer represents the best of both of our breweries and is the result of our shared commitment to creating a range of innovative craft beer styles with the highest-quality ingredients. I can’t wait for members of the craft beer community throughout New England and right here in Providence to get a taste!”

“I’ve always loved ‘Gansett and drank a ton of it when I lived and brewed out in Boston,” says Kelly McKnight, Head Pilot R&D Brewer of New Belgium Brewing, “I was psyched when I found out that Narragansett was opening a brewery in Providence and that my best friend Lee was the Head Brewer. We used to brew together back in Boston, so this was a perfect way to come back together and brew an awesome beer. We love Vikings and making cool recipes and that’s what brought us to create Norse x NorseWest. New Belgium couldn’t be happier to pair up with an original New England brewery that knows how to have fun!”

“As we were building our waterfront brewery and taproom in Providence, R.I., our goal was to create a space where our generational fans and the craft beer community could meet over a pint and enjoy all the great beers we have to offer,” says Mark Hellendrung, President of Narragansett Beer. “It has been incredible to welcome thousands of neighbors from across the country over the last six months and a joy to see Lee and Kelly create this innovative brew together.”

Meet Lee and Kelly on Saturday, December 11th at the Narragansett Brewery & Taproom in Providence, R.I. to raise a pint and celebrate this collaboration between two of America’s largest, enduring craft brewers. Norse x NorseWest is available now on draft for a limited time at the Narragansett Brewery and at bars throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Southeastern Massachusetts.



About Narragansett Beer

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