PRESS RELEASE / March 22, 2018 (Amesbury, MA) – With Spring allegedly upon us, we release Vernal, a Saison brewed with a healthy dose of rye malt and hopped with Southern Cross and Cascade.  The Rye lends a subtle spicy, drying character while the hops provide a nice citrus burst.  Coupled with our expressive Farmhouse yeast this beer is an omen of the warmer weather and good things to come. 5.6% ABV .4L  $6.50




About Brewery Silvaticus: 

Located in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Brewery Silvaticus produces Belgian farmhouse ales and German style lagers that are the main inspiration for the beers we craft. We share a deep respect for the traditional beers of Europe and our goal is to pay homage while innovating and adapting our craft to push it forward.

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