The next three weeks will be eventful for Massachusetts beer blogger Ed Gebo, to say the least. In addition to holding down his regular day job as a mechanical drawing engineer, he plans to have his head shaved, give away a pretty amazing beer stash, and hop on a bike for the first time in decades to ride halfway across the state – all in the name of charity.

“Cancer sucks,” says the author of the popular blog page GotHops. “The disease has touched all of us in some way. I hope we find a cure for it soon.” In the mean time, he’s raising money by participating in the Pan-Mass Challenge during the first weekend in August, when he’ll be riding 163 miles (without stopping at any breweries) over the course of just two days.

If you’re feeling charitable consider donating to either his Pan-Mass page or his GoFundMe campaign. You can learn more about his motivation for riding, cutting off all his hair, and giving away a whole lot of great beer by checking out his latest blog post.

The beer stash raffle is this Thursday, and includes offerings from Tree House, Trillium, Bissell Brothers, Fiddlehead, Foam Brewers, Burlington Beer, and Vanished Valley, as well as glassware and an original, signed artwork from Dean McKeever. Below are details on how to be entered into the drawing.

For more details on how to support Ed’s Pan-Mass ride, and be entered in the raffle, visit his Instagram page.

You can meet Ed in person and share a beer with him this Saturday, July 21st, at a fundraising event being held at Medusa Brewing in Hudson. The fun, which includes delicious beer, pizza from Rail Trail Flatbread, and the official head shaving, starts at 5:00.

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