The Art Ensemble of Cape Cod features local players and original music during a free concert at the brewery.


PRESS RELEASE / May 23, 2023 (South Dennis, MA) – The Art Ensemble of Cape Cod, a trio of professional musicians based on the peninsula, is performing a fun set of original songs and jazz standards for free on Friday, May 26, at Devil’s Purse Brewing Co., located at 120 Great Western Rd. in South Dennis.

To celebrate the Dennis brewery’s 8th anniversary and the unofficial kickoff to summer, the Art Ensemble of Cape Cod is setting up at Devil’s Purse from 5-8 p.m. along with Kut by Keltic, a food truck offering burgers, fries and sandwiches.

The Art Ensemble of Cape Cod is rooted in improvisation and plays a variety of styles fusing traditional music in a diverse world. Starring pianist Wayne Naus, bass player Rick Cain, and drummer John DiSanto, the group has performed numerous concerts at Cape Cod venues including the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. The Memorial Day weekend set at Devil’s Purse Brewing is a unique opportunity to enjoy their instrumental music without needing to buy a ticket, in a relaxed setting with craft beer flowing.

Wayne Naus, professor emeritus at Berklee College of Music and a former member of the Buddy Rich Big Band, is the Art Ensemble bandleader. He’s also the main songwriter of a repertoire of Cape-inspired originals, such as “Moon Over Monomoy,” “Blues in the Sound,” “Red Right Return,” and “Sagamore Bridge Blues.” Rick Cain performed and taught music extensively in the Central Mass. area for more than 30 years before moving to Yarmouth Port in 2014. John DiSanto has an impressive performance resume, including traveling with the nationally recognized “Rat Pack” show.

The Art Ensemble’s first album, “Once Upon a Time On Cape Cod,” was released in 2020 and is available on most streaming platforms.

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