PRESS RELEASE / July 21, 2020 (Malden, MA) Idle Hands Craft Ales today will release two brand new beers: Short Season, a New England IPA, and Gretel, a traditional German Pilsner.

Short Season 

In honor of the upcoming abridged season of America’s Favorite Pastime, Idle Hands is introducing a new member to their family of beers with baseball-themed names. Short Season is a 6% ABV New England IPA featuring an all-star lineup of hops including Sabro and Galaxy. It has low bitterness and notes of pineapple, tropical fruit, and a hint of coconut.

“If you know anything about Idle Hands, you probably know that we’re big baseball fans,” said Chris Tkach, owner, Idle Hands. “We have a lot of beers with names that reference the sport: Splitter, Four Seam, 34 (in honor of the jersey number worn by Red Sox legend David Ortiz). We’re all excited about baseball returning on the 23rd, even if it’s just for a few months, and thought this was a good way to show our excitement.”


Gretel is a traditional German Pilsner with a patio-friendly 4.6% ABV. Gretel was brewed with a very traditional focus, using 100% Noble hops and a simple grain bill. It’s a classic Pilsner with a light, grassy character and touches of spice in the finish.

“We’re constantly brewing new and different beers to give people options,” added Tkach, “but I always feel at home when we tap into our lager-centric roots. Gretel is a really nice, traditional, no nonsense German style Pilsner that’s perfect for the hot weather.”

Short Season and Gretel will all be available in 16oz. can four-packs for curbside pickup and for on-site consumption at the Idle Hands beer garden starting today. These and more beers can be ordered online directly from Idle Hands at

Find Idle Hands on social media: @idlehandsbeer on Instagram and @IdleHandsCraftAles on Facebook.


About Idle Hands Craft Ales

Idle Hands Craft Ales was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team, Chris and Grace Tkach. Today, it focuses on producing a wide-array of craft beer with uncompromising quality. Located in Malden, MA, Idle Hands brews fresh IPAs, lagers, sours, and more. To learn more, visit

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