As much as we all love working at Homefield every day, we are so small it is very difficult for any of us to get some time off. And when you are going full tilt boogie with creativity, almost never making the same thing twice, always seeking inspiration and digging deeper within ourselves and together as a team to improve improve improve, well, it gets to be time for a break and that is at the end of June. We will be closed beginning Monday, June 18 through Thursday June 27 and will reopen Friday June 28 with one of the best sax and keyboard jazz quartets around, Dozer and the Homewreckers.

In case you are wondering, Suzanne and I will be taking our new high school graduate, Mary, and our son Phineas to New Orleans for several days of eating and musical enjoyment. What ideas will we glean from that creole cooking? We are already in possession of an ice crusher and about to test out several versions of adult snow cones. How about sour beer blended with a simple syrup drizzled through crushed ice and served with a spoon?
Anyway, this week, Wednesday and Thursday we will be frying a small surprise board. Imagine cheese, pickles, onions, salami, mushrooms, etc beer battered and deep fried in clarified butter from Maine dairies.
One other food note, I spoke with John and Stephanie Lowell of East Dennis Oyster Farm and after significant damage from the winter storms they are off to a late start. However, they did say in a few weeks they would call to set up some raw bar dates for their incredible oysters.  They really are better than most any other oyster I’ve ever had.
This Friday we will be tapping our feet to Livestock at 7pm.
Saturday at 1pm Derek Varnum gets us warmed up with his original tunes. Derek is a very accomplished musician accustomed to leading cover bands in large performance spaces, but he never gets a chance to play from his own songbook. So lucky us. Come on by for a rare treat.
Saturday evening we welcome home August First. Every time I hear Nicole D’Amico sing I get goose pimples. Powerful.
Then Sunday, straight out of the Big Apple is young Kayla Barone. She’ll be solo and soulful for sure.
In June:
Friday, June 1 at 7pm August First (yes again ~ we can’t get enough)
Saturday June 2 at 6pm Pamela Means
Sunday June 3 at 2pm Kimaya Diggs
Friday June 8 at 7pm Peter Prince
Saturday June 9 at 6pm Mean Black Spider (featuring Jeremy Lyons)
Sunday June 10 at 2pm Carlos Odria
Friday June 15 at 7pm Brooks Milgate Trio (Hammond B3 Organ)
Saturday June 16 at 6pm Carlos Odria Trio
Sunday June 17 at 2pm Pub Sing
Friday June 28 at 7pm Dozer and the Homewreckers
Saturday June 29 at 6pm Lexi Weege
Sunday June 30 at 2pm Kala Farnham
See you soon . . . the celebration is just beginning ~ Jon

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