PRESS RELEASE / August 28, 2018 (Sturbridge, MA) – Change is in the air. A season is ending. Another beginning. September sunlight needs to be savored like the last drops from the honey jar. We will continue to bring in the harvest. It’s full tilt time for our kitchen. And we gather fruit nonstop for brewing too. So far we have in our freezer peaches, plums, cherries, raspberries, and blueberries. We are getting in grapes and pears now as well. The goal is to have enough fruit to make that fruity tart and fresh beer all year round. We can get fresh tomatoes in January from greenhouses, but we can get berries only now.
Speaking of which, the Jolly Wench will be on tap soon. Maybe this weekend. She is made with pale barley malt from Valley Malt (of course), plums and sour cherries from Cook’s Orchard in Brimfield, and honey via Lettuce Be Local.
We have a new batch of Melange, the maltster’s dark malt blend, a new batch of Today’s Special, another hoppy beer called Sunset Cruise, and for a whiff of autumn we’ll be making another Humble amber ale.
This week: Wednesday we get the Bread Box pop up bakery at 4. Plus Phil LeBlanc creates his beautiful paintings in the art corner.

Thursday we are running taco night. $5 for 2 tacos, vegan option available. Our tortillas are made by Mi Tierra in Hadley, Mass with organic corn also grown in Hadley.

Friday we open for lunch at 12. And at 7pm we get to hear the Carlos Odria Trio. Carlos is back from a visit with his family in Peru and has promised to bring back even more inspiration.

Saturday at 6 Mystical Magic Music duo returns with originals, great guitar and vocals, plus the best damn rendition of any Moody Blues song you know.

Sunday we start at noon with Jim & Ginny on the keys. Then at 2 we get Mr. Paul Driscoll crooning to us with his heart stomped vocals.

We are just getting warmed up.
September Music:
Friday September 7 local string quintet Livestock returns to the art corner at 7pm
Saturday September 8 at 6pm Lunar Carnival brings their good energy and fiddling to the art corner.
Sunday September 9 at 2pm Carlos Odria fill sour hearts with beautiful South American guitar.
Friday September 14 at 7pm begins a weekend of piano music. We are graced by the piano, vocals and trumpet of the Brian Koning Duo.
Saturday September 15 at 6pm we are so pleased to hear Kala Farnham once again.
Sunday September 16 at 2pm, Lexi Weege brings her powerful and lovely sound to us.
Friday September 17 at 8pm, The Blues Brothers joins us for a reunion show! Just kidding, it’s even better. The Green Sisters return to Homefield!!!
Saturday September 18 at 6pm, Suzanne takes of the apron and straps on the guitar to lead The Luscious Lushes.
Sunday September 19 at 2pm, The Slik Pickers return.
Friday September 28 at 7pm the incredible Russo Brothers return
Saturday September 29 at 2pm we get the traditional Irish sounds of The Star Creek Ceili Band
Then at 6 is the great Pamela Means
Sunday September 30 at 2pm Shawn Taylor plays his northern blues.
About Homefield Brewing officially opened in August of 2016, but our story began with a book we wrote about a start up micro malt house in Hadley, Mass. Now the good folks at Valley Malt provide us with almost all of the malt we use. At times, we get malt from Blue Ox out of Maine The Brewing began in collaboration with Rapscallion Brewery in Sturbridge and eventually included three other breweries in the region, Wormtown, KBC and IndieFerm. That spirit of mutual support in the mission of using world class ingredients grown and processed by local farmers and artisans tells you everything about why we are here today. Support for our mission continues from our much bigger friends so that we may bring you the flavors of the northeast in a workshop brewery where we never brew the same beer twice. Our goal is to develop a distinct Homefield style linked deeply with the landscape and community, revealing the flavors unique to our Homefield terrain.

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