Proceeds from ale will benefit local Boston and Vermont charities that support frontline workers and hospitality professionals in both communities


PRESS RELEASE / May 6, 2020 (Boston, MA) – Harpoon Brewery announced today a new beer to support the frontline workers and hospitality professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic: Harpoon  “For The Frontline”. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Boston Resiliency Fund, Off Their Plate, and The Vermont Community Foundation’s VT COVID-19 Response Fund to help provide relief to those affected by the novel coronavirus.

Harpoon “For The Frontline” is a re-release of the brewery’s original Harpoon Ale, which was first brewed in 1986 when three friends set out to open Massachusetts’s first brewery after decades of dormancy in the state. Harpoon Ale was decisively different from the light lagers of the time and quickly become a local staple at bars, restaurants, and the brewery’s many festivals.

“We founded Harpoon with the goal of serving our community, and that mission is just as relevant now as it was in ‘86. We knew we had to do something big to help support those who have been impacted by COVID-19 and a new release of our Harpoon Ale felt like the perfect way to honor them and help raise vital funds,” said Dan Kenary, CEO and co-founder of Mass. Bay Brewing Company, maker of Harpoon. “We chose to partner with local organizations that we knew could make the most of the proceeds and really help those that are on the frontline of this pandemic, from the healthcare professionals and first responders who are keeping us all safe, to the hospitality professionals who have served Harpoon in their bars and restaurants for so many years. This beer is just a small way for us to say thank you and give back.”

The partner organizations include:


  • Boston Resiliency Fund, which coordinates support and essential services to Boston residents, whose health and well-being are impacted by COVID-19, and assists
    first responders and critical care providers.
  • Off Their Plate, which provides nutritious meals to healthcare professionals at the frontline of COVID-19 while providing economic relief to local restaurants and their staff.
  • Vermont Community Foundation, which developed the VT COVID-19 Response Fund to extend and expand the capacity of nonprofits particularly equipped to address the immediate and long-term community impacts of the spread of COVID-19 in Vermont.


Harpoon “For the Frontline” is made with Harpoon’s proprietary yeast strain, resulting in a signature fruity aroma with light undertones of caramel malt. At 5% ABV, the beer is easy-drinking and approachable with a smooth, medium body and crisp finish.

“For the Frontline” will be available in mid-to-late May and sold in 4-pack cans at a suggested retail price of $12.99. To see where it is sold once available, check out the Harpoon beer finder:

To further support healthcare workers, Harpoon also recently launched a program that allows consumers to buy them a beer later by buying a gift certificate now. When the Harpoon Beer Hall (Boston, MA) and Riverbend Taps (Windsor, VT) reopen to the public, any healthcare worker can come in, present a valid hospital or medical staff ID and redeem one of the gift certificates for a free beer. Customers can add this option to their cart when ordering takeout or delivery through Harpoon.


About the Harpoon Brewery:

The Harpoon Brewery was founded in 1986 by beer lovers who wanted more and better beer options. When the Brewery was founded, Harpoon was issued Brewing Permit #001 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, since it was the first to brew commercially in Boston after a dormant period of about 25 years. Since then, it has expanded to a second brewery in Windsor, VT. Harpoon’s line of craft beer features its award-winning IPA and seasonal beers, along with special limited releases. In 2014, Harpoon became an employee-owned company.

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