Gardner’s Moon Hill Brewing Company

Is Finding Ways To Cut Back On Alcohol Without Sacrificing Flavor


PRESS RELEASE / July 25, 2022 (Gardner, MA) –  In the heat of the Summer there are plenty of cookouts, concerts, and a variety of great times to be had. While attending these events it feels as though there is an unspoken pressure to drink alcohol, even when we may not feel like it. With the new innovations taking place inside the craft beer industry, specifically at Moon Hill Brewing Company located in Gardner, Massachusetts, there is a way to avoid the social pressure of alcohol consumption: Dry Water. Dry Water is Moon Hill’s version of Hop Water, a refreshing, hoppy, beverage that tastes similar to an IPA. Although it is missing the alcohol, Dry Water is packed with delicious hops, carbonation and flavored with citrus notes. 

The inspiration for Moon Hill’s Dry Water came from wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and participate in “Dry January”. It was first “brewed” in December 2021 for January 2022 to curb the craving of having an iced cold brew. Rick Walton, owner of Moon Hill Brewing Company says, “It makes you feel good about being good!” There is no guilt when drinking Dry Water, only tasty flavor. 

The idea that a brewery is going to help you to reduce your beer intake is a funny thought, but with Moon Hill’s Dry Water it is possible. Dry Water cans are 16oz, decorated with a hop, and are discreetly non- alcoholic, meaning they look like a regular alcoholic beer. Nobody is going to question your drink choice but simply enjoy your company. Dry Water cans and all Moon Hill products are distributed by Berkshire Brewing Company and carried throughout Massachusetts at restaurants and liquor stores. If you are a business owner and would like to start selling Dry Water please contact Moon Hill Brewing Company’s Brand Ambassador Raileen Caswell at 978-855-9418 or your Berkshire Brewing Company Sales Representative directly. 


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