PRESS RELEASE / March 11, 2021 (New York, NY) – The Dubliner Irish Whiskey has announced its first collaboration on US soil partnering with Massachusetts craft brewer, Wachusett Brewing Company for the 1st edition of its Beer Cask Series. The Dubliner shipped casks of its award-winning, Bourbon Cask Aged Irish Whiskey to the brewers at Wachusett in 2019 who then filled them with their Quinn’s Amber Ale. The beer was aged in the Kentucky bourbon oak casks for several months and the freshly disgorged casks were sent back to Dublin to be used for The Dubliner Beer Cask Irish Whiskey release which is launching this March.

“This is a truly exciting collaboration for Dubliner Irish Whiskey, says Darryl McNally, Master Distiller at the Dublin Liberties Distillery and home of the bestselling whiskey. Not only do we choose breweries whose beer casks add a unique taste to our whiskey, but partners like Wachusett Brewing, that have the same independent spirit as Dubliner, with a straight-up attitude and down to earth appreciation of great tasting brands. Dubliner seeks to inject fun and excitement into whiskey and we are creating new whiskey flavors that drive wider appeal for Irish whiskey. The end result is Just Good Whiskey.”

“Following the success of Quinn’s Amber Ale which was aged in Dubliner Whiskey casks, we are excited to see the Dubliner Beer Cask Whiskey from those same barrels hit the market. It has been fantastic working with Darryl McNally and the team at QB to bring innovation and collaboration to the US beer and spirits industry” notes Wachusett Management.

The Dubliner Beer Cask Irish Whiskey is now available in MA and the surrounding New England markets such as RI and CT in retail stores and in limited bars and restaurants.

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About The Dubliner Irish Whiskey

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is a blend of single malt and grain whiskey, fully aged in bourbon casks and bottled at 40% abv. The Dubliner is a classic style Irish whiskey – smooth, fresh with a mellow sweetness coming from Bourbon casks. Dubliner represents the spirit of the city it hails from and seeks to bring a little piece of Dublin spirit around the world.


About Wachusett Brewing Company

Celebrating 25 years in 2019, WBC produces a diverse, award-winning line of beers ranging from their best-selling Blueberry Ale to their highly-rated Wally New England IPA series. WBC was named of the top 50 largest craft breweries in the US in 2018.