PRESS RELEASE / March 23, 2021 (Florence, MA) – Drawing Board Brewing Company recently signed a lease at 36 Main Street, across from the infamous Florence Pie Bar.

Owner and Operator Corey Lynch is partially funding the opening of the Drawing Board Brewing Company with capital raised from community investors through Regulation Crowdfunding, a new regulation made possible by the JOBS Act, Title III in 2016.

Lynch has extensive experience brewing beer, having started in 2011. Over the past ten years, he has won multiple awards at brewing competitions across Western Massachusetts, including a Gold Medal for his Oktoberfest style beer, and multiple silver medals at BJCP sanctioned events. In 2019, Lynch decided to level up and established The Drawing Board Brewing Company in 2019.

Drawing Board Brewing Company brings together the passions of the people who created it – Craft beer and Art. The connection between these two areas is clear, but Drawing Board Brewing Company will be taking it to a new level. Just like many new brewers struggle to take that first step into a highly competitive industry, independent artists often struggle to find a platform to sell their work. Due to high rent and up-front costs at craft fairs, many artists are forced to sell their work on online platforms that are not particularly creator friendly. Drawing Board Brewing Company will open their doors for local artists and crafters alike to sell directly to their customers through scheduled events, seminars, and meet ups – creating a connection between the artist and the community. Additionally, Drawing Board  Brewing Company will use this connection with artists to create an eclectic art portfolio, both for label design, and taproom décor – all while paying a fair price to creators. Drawing Board Brewing Company believes the community is stronger when it works together, and they are looking for unique ways to collaborate with artists, customers, and area businesses. Drawing Board Brewing Company is more than just a brewery, it is a place for art and community – and world class beer of course.

At the time of writing, Drawing Board Brewing Company has raised over $26,000 from 45 local investors. The team has 35 days to reach their minimum goal of $30,000, otherwise investors are refunded.

Here is the link to their offering page:

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