Down The Road Beer Co. is officially opening to the public on Friday, November 3.

PRESS RELEASE / October 19, 2017 Everett, MA – This has been a long time coming, we know, but it turns out opening a massive brewery and taproom so close to Boston (or anywhere, for that matter) isn’t exactly easy. After years of blood, sweat, and beers (fine, some tears, too) we are exceedingly happy to announce that Down The Road Beer Co. is officially opening to the public on Friday, November 3.

Fresh Craft Beer, Pinball and Live Entertainment await you at the DTR taproom.

The brand new space, located at 199 Ashland Street in Everett (across the street from the Wynn Boston Harbor casino) is a testament to founder and brewmaster Donovan Bailey’s love of, and obsession with, producing inspired craft beer across a wide spectrum of styles. With dozens of taplines, a state-of-the-art brewhouse, and comfortable space for you and 210 of your closest new friends, it’s an inclusive and accessible destination for those looking for good food and drink in an atmosphere that’s light on pretension and high on fun.

“The mantra for Down The Road, from the beginning, has been to offer a craft beer experience  — whether you’re a certified #beersnob or just dabbling — that’s fresh, local and inspired,” says Bailey. “From the beer to the entertainment to the atmosphere, we aim to be your neighborhood watering hole no matter where you live.”

DTR Beer Co. has been shipping beer to hundreds of accounts throughout Massachusetts since 2015, but the plan has always been to anchor the company in a taproom and brewery all our own. With this launch, we’re finally doing it, and we’ve got to be honest here: it feels pretty damn good.

We know taprooms are sprouting up in a neighborhood near you faster than you can say “Pukwudgie.” That’s great. But while we love (and frequent!) the many fantastic breweries within striking distance of our new digs, there are some features of our own we’d like to call out:

  • Breadth of styles. From our Undine DIPA to our Rasenmaher Kolsch, Darkest Night Imperial Stout to Citra Pukwudgie (and many, many more), there is truly something here for every palate.

    DTR will have plenty of styles on tap for you in their new taproom in Everett.

  • Elbow room. We love a good hole in the wall taproom, we really do, but this is not that. Our taproom currently has seats for 211 thirsty imbibers, with plenty of standing room aside. And don’t worry about muscling your way through to place an order — our 35-foot bar can accommodate, and we’ve got servers making the rounds, too.
  • Retro arcade. Thaaat’s right … we’ve got a full-blown pinball arcade. And we’re not talking a couple lame machines stuffed in some corner, either. No ma’am. We’ve got some of the most coveted games on the planet, restored to pristine condition and just begging for a new high score.
  • Food stuffs. For those times when beer won’t suffice and you actually need to eat something, there are bar snacks aplenty and a revolving cast of incredible food trucks parked conveniently right out front.
  • Non-alcoholic treats! We don’t use exclamation points often, but this is important. We’ve got a separate tap tower pouring delicious things not containing booze, like cold-brewed coffee, kombucha, root beer, and more.
  • One-offs. We’re not brewing beer on a pedestal or anything, but you better know if you make the trip to the taproom you’ll likely be met with some #dtrbeer you’ve never seen before … and maybe will never see again.
  • Swag. Drinking great beer with a smile on your face is what we’re all about. But you might as well look good while doing it, right? Check out the merch shop for that perfect DTR Beer Co. hat, hoodie or T-shirt you didn’t know you wanted (needed?) until now.

DTR will be cranking out beers in their new brewhouse.

On Friday, November 3, we are throwing our doors open to the public for the first time ever to celebrate our official and long-awaited grand opening — #GODTR — the only way we know how: lots of beer (some you’ve definitely never had before), lots of food and lots of fun.

Head to our Facebook page for more #GODTR details. And check the site — right here — periodically for a full list of beers on tap, food trucks and more.

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