PRESS RELEASE / June 9, 2022 (Boston, MA) – The beer makers who’ve been telling stories with their labels for years are now bringing them to life as Boston-based Clown Shoes Beer reveals their first interactive label using augmented reality technology.

Designed in partnership with Australia-based augmented reality app Swigr, the augmented reality label for Clown Shoes Space Cake Double IPA offers five different settings to toggle through – the first being a lifelike animation of the beloved characters featured on the label. Users can also get the latest updates on special events and announcements from Clown Shoes, get a recommendation on what beer they should try next, and play a retro-style “Beer Invaders” game using the can.

Fans can get an up-close look at the technology themselves by downloading the Swigr app and grabbing a can of Space Cake Double IPA wherever Clown Shoes is sold. An example of what the label looks like can also be found: Clown Shoes AR


About Clown Shoes

Clown Shoes was founded in 2009 by Gregg Berman, who first brewed a small batch of “Hoppy Feet” Black IPA. Since then, Clown Shoes has become known for putting their unique spin on traditional styles of beer with eye-catching labels – and for its growing program of special releases and barrel-aged beers. They are one of the first craft beer companies to experiment with terpenes, aromatic oils that are found in natural botanical sources including cannabis and hops, resulting in the successful launch of the beer Rainbows Are Real. Clown Shoes joined Mass. Bay Brewing Company, Inc. in 2017, from which time it has continued to grow, innovate, and offer unique beers with a sense of style and personality.

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