PRESS RELEASE / OCTOBER 31, 2017 Norwood, MA

Castle Island Releases “Greetings From Skibb” Their First Barrel-Aged Beer

You’ve been asking about them, we’ve been dreaming of them, and now it’s time. We all know how much you love barrel-aged beer, and we finally have one that’s ready. The leaves are changing, the nights are getting cold, it’s a perfect season to sit back and crack into the rich, dark beers that you’ve been craving.

Greetings From Skibb is our latest release, and our first barrel-aged beer.

We’ve partnered with our friends at West Cork Distillers to bring you this lavish, sumptuous barrel aged export stout. Lending us a selection of their finest whiskey barrels, West Cork has allowed us to infuse flavors of charred oak, rich vanilla, and hints of dark fruit into a smooth and splendid base beer. Named after Skibbereen, the town in Ireland that West Cork calls home, Greetings From Skibb is a celebration of camaraderie and collaboration with our friends from across the pond. We hope you enjoy. Sláinte!


About the barrels.

West Cork Distillers lent us a dozen of their finest, freshly used barrels. They were shipped straight from Ireland right to our brewery in Norwood still smelling like the whiskey that they previously held. We then transferred our export stout into these barrels and laid them down for an extended nap.
Six long months, and plenty of tastings later the beer was finally ready to be packaged. While this was happening, we also prepped the barrels to be shipped back to Ireland, where West Cork will fill the now stout-soaked barrels up with whiskey for a project of their own.


Draft, Cans, and Bottles will be available Wednesday 11/1 at open.

Greetings From Skibb will be sold in 4pks of 16oz cans.
Approximatly 100 cases; one case per person limit.
$20 4pk, incl. dep.



Our first bottle release, Greetings From Skibb will also be sold in 22oz. bottles.
We have a very limited supply; 4 bottle limit per person
$13 per bottle, incl. dep.





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