Brew Roots Podcast Episode 112 – Percival Brewing

We went a little South this week to Norwood Mass to check out Percival Brewing. The current brewing operations is small and they are totally ok with that because it helps them further develop skill sets and brands. “Small batches with big taste!” So make sure to sit back and enjoy!

Among the topics they dig into is the eclectic nature of its Norwood, Massachusetts taproom: with local #art, a townie totem pole, its own Kahfee Roasting Company, cost conscious price points for its #beers, and a #dog-friendly and kid-friendly vibe, founder Phil Oliveira admits that it’s “all over the place.” Being in the business of “trying to please everyone” he says, can sometimes be challenging. Seems like he’s pulling it off pretty well, though.

Right now they are are only offering sales of Crowler Cans (32 ounces) for any beer on the menu during our hours of operations.

Drop-in or email them.

You can email them directly through their CONTACT page or at, for an order and it will be put aside for pickup.

They prefer Credit Card, in order to keep the transaction sanitary.


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