This week’s episode was inspired by our friends The Mass Brew Bros. The idea came from their most recent blog post on The Future of the Massachusetts Craft Beer Industry, Post Pandemic: Local Brewers Weigh In. If you haven’t had a chance to read it please check it out!

The primary focus of this virtual round table discussion was to allow a platform for some of the blog post’s contributors to discuss life as a brewery now, more than a month into the pandemic, and where they see things going in the coming months.

Topics range from how they have adapted to the current climate to their views outlooks on the current situation, and what the future might look like.

As the Mass Brew Bros put so eloquently: “We caution readers and listeners, however, not to draw too many conclusions on what other breweries may be experiencing, or the fate of the industry as a whole, based on this sampling. It’s simply a series of snapshots that reveal what some in the local industry are currently dealing with.”

Please make sure to continue to support Massachusetts Breweries and if you’re curious about our guest this week here are their websites which all list how to get your hands on some beer!

Ray Berry – Founder of Springfield based contract brand White Lion Brewing

Garry Rogers – Founder of True North Ales in Ipswich

Matt Smith- Founder and Brewer of Wander Soul Brewing Beer Co

Maureen Fabry – Brewer and Cofounder of Milford’s CraftRoots Brewing

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