Which came first, the beer or the Brew Dog? When Heather Messer of Abandoned Building Brewing was looking for a dog at a local spot in Southwick, she found an energetic pup that quickly caught her eye. When she found out the dog’s name was Lola she thought, “that’s a great name for a dog, and we have a beer at the brewery called Lola’s Saison!” Lola’s Saison was actually the first beer brewed by ABB owner and Head Brewer, Matt Tarlecki. So to answer the question, “which came first, the Brew Dog or the beer?” the answer is: the beer.

Lola recently helped check in brewers to the Western Mass MBG member meet up.

Lola has been coming to work at the brewery with Heather since she was 10 weeks old. They celebrated Lola’s 1st birthday on April 11, 2019 at the brewery, and many brewery patrons and dogs alike attended. There was a Facebook event and everything.

When at the brewery Lola assumes responsibility of greeting customers, cleaning the floor of food crumbs, and keeping customers company on their cozy couches, preferably in between couples.

Lola is a very excitable little lady, and becomes more excited if the person approaching is also quite happy to see her. So if she jumps up on you or your friends and family, Heather apologizes. Lola has no regrets.

Lola may have no regrets, but she is afraid of lawn decorations, like ones you would see for Halloween and Christmas. She wants nothing to do with them, and will pull on her leash to get far away and quickly as possible. She is also afraid of everything when it is dark out, and isn’t one to bark much, but when she sees a plastic lawn chair in our neighbor’s yard, all bets are off.



Now some stats on “Lola” in our: “Tail” of the Tape

Breed: Goldendoodle (F2B)

Age: 20 months

Weight: 35

Favorite Food: French fries, unfortunately

Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks loudly and with a potentially record breaking high-pitch

Favorite Thing To Do: Going for hikes, playing with new and old friends, and getting as dirty as possible

Quote: “Oh hey, how are you? Oh me, I’m good. Come here often? So, I’m just wondering when you’re going to share your fries with me. I’ll be here waiting until you make the right choice.”



Click photo to find ABB Beer

Lola would like everyone to know that ABB’s dog-friendly taproom is now open seven days a week and you can see specific hours here. Also, in addition to her beer, fans of barrel-aged ales can find some limited releases just in time for the end of the year celebrations! And if you are a fan of live music, ABB has a rotating lineup of musicians that play in their taproom.

So please head out to Abandoned Building Brewery to say hello to Lola, enjoy some beer and make sure you hide those fries!


(Photos courtesy of Heather Messer and Abandoned Building Brewing)



If you have a brew dog that you would like to see featured in our Brew Dog of the Month blog, please email us at massbrewbros@gmail.com

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