The co-owner and Head Brewer of Quincy’s Break Rock Brewing Co. will lead the MBAA New England Chapter after being elected by her peers.


PRESS RELEASE / February 1, 2023 (Quincy, MA) – Veteran New England Brewer Vilija Bizinkauskas has been elected by her peers to serve as President of the New England Chapter of the Master Brewers Association of the America’s. She is only the second woman to hold this position. The Master Brewers Association of the Americas is a nonprofit (501 C3) professional, scientific organization dedicated to advancing, supporting, and encouraging scientific research into brewing malt beverages and related industries and to make that research available to the public through conferences, discussion groups, journals, publications and seminars.

The Brockton, MA native is the Co-Owner and Head Brewer of Break Rock Brewing, located in Marina Bay, Quincy, Massachusetts. As President of the MBAA New England Chapter, she will help advance the New England brewing community through the sharing of knowledge and best practices among brewers and industry professionals.

“I am honored to have been selected by my peers in the New England chapter to serve as President.”, said Bizinkauskas. “I am particularly excited about raising awareness within the New England brewing community about the tremendous value that comes along with being a member of the MBAA. Our members possess a depth of talent, information, and experience. Any brewer – new to the industry or a veteran – can benefit from being a part of the MBAA and tapping into its wealth of resources.”


About Break Rock Brewing

Break Rock Brewing is an ocean-front brewery and taproom located in Marina Bay, Quincy, MA. It opened to the public in March 2022 and produces and sells a line of high-quality craft beers and seltzers.

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