PRESS RELEASE / January 23, 2023 (Westboro, MA)) – If you’ve ever browsed the housewares department at Kohl’s, brightened up the season with a holiday item from Homegoods, or picked up a cozy bed for your pooch at Marshalls, chances are, you already own something designed by Westborough resident,  age 35.

Lyons-Dambeck, a fiber and textile artist, recently won the Mass Brewers Guild’s (MBG) Mass Beer Week art contest. Her work will be featured on all of Mass Beer Week’s promotional materials as well as the limited edition pint glass that will be sold across the state at participating locations. The association launched the contest this year for the first time in an effort to find and feature local artists.

Mass Beer Week is the statewide celebration of locally made craft beer, taking place March 4th through 11th2023. The glassware will be sold for $6 at 54 MBG member breweries. The MBG is  the state’s trade association for the craft beer industry that exists to protect and promote the interests of craft brewers across the commonwealth.

While originally from Leominster, Mass., Lyons-Dambeck’s love for breweries grew while she lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin touring local taprooms. She appreciated the sense of community, coupled with the different beer styles and personalities that came through within each of the brewery spaces – from the art on walls to the employees serving suds.

When she moved back to Massachusetts with her husband, they took that passion with them, and began to explore their home by sampling New England IPAs and stouts.

“While every brewery in every region is so different – they all care so much about their communities, sustainability, and supporting farmers.  From concept to consumer – their small business stories are what I really enjoy about the craft beer scene,” says Lyons-Dambeck.

She first learned about Mass Beer Week while visiting Redemption Rock Brewing Co., in Worcester. She was served up a dark beer in the 2021 Mass Beer Week glass, which served as her inspiration for her own design. When she saw information posted about the Mass Beer Week art contest earlier this fall and she was eager to enter.

“I’ve never designed a full-wrap pint glass before. I typically do a lot of watercolor, hand painted looks,” says Lyons-Dambeck. “A graphic design like this has to look clean and precise. It was a challenge for me that needed a different mindset, but I am happy with the way it came out and even more so that I was chosen as the winner.”

Lyons-Dambeck was one of twelve entrants into the contest. The MBG narrowed down the designs to the top two, and then turned it over to the public to decide. The competition was neck and neck – but ultimately, Lyons-Dambeck’s design took the top vote.

This will the first time Lyons-Dambeck will be able to drink a beer out of something she’s designed herself. She recommends filling the 16 oz Willi Becher glass with a dark roasted beer or a Hazy IPA to contrast against the colors – because it is so opaque.

“It’s incredible to have my design be a part of a celebration that’s all about supporting local breweries,” she said. “As a local artist trying to support myself, I get the need to contribute and support local. Whenever we buy a four pack we make sure it’s Mass. made.”

To learn more about Mass Beer Week events and where you can purchase this year’s glassware, visit MassBeerWeek.org. To learn more about the Mass Brewers Guild, visit MassBrewersGuild.org. To view Shawnna Lyons-Dambeck’s portfolio, visit shawnnalyons.com.



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