PRESS RLEASE / October 19, 2018 (Weymouth, MA) We’ve been patiently waiting. And we’re happy to say that this stout was worth every minute.

Prepare yourself for warm vanilla + coffee roastiness. Deep chocolate + dark roasted barley give essential bitterness. A touch of flaked barley for a rich mouthfeel. A gentle breaking wave of dry whiskey for balanced finish. Keep an eye on the 10.5% ABV though … it’s real.

ZELATO was canned yesterday. The first 4-packs are in our taproom now & will be in select accounts next week. ZELATO will be pouring freely on draft as of today.

One more thing, but keep in mind that patience is required here too.

In mid-November, we’ll release another take on our ZELATO Stout. The 2nd release has our imperial stout aging in bourbon barrels that were most recently used to age maple syrup. Right now, the brew is happily at rest in these maple sugar-coated barrels. We’ll give you plenty of notice when we release Zelato Stout || Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged. Promise!


About Barrel House Z

In 1986, Russ Heissner came to Boston to be the first head brewer at Harpoon. In 2016, a new brewing adventure began in Weymouth, MA.

The BHZ team brews small-batch, barrel-aged beer that’s created collaboratively with an ever-changing roster of innovative brewers. Our philosophy, however, never varies. We believe the best beer comes from exceptional ideas & ingredients–and is guided by rigorous technique.

Our pilot plant is in constant motion. We tap a new Pilot Pour weekly, which means you’ll find 10 to 12 amazing brews in our tasting room. Always something new. We also brew beer for draft & bottles.

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