Three New Flavors Join the Classic in this Crushable Cider Series Which Reminds Drinkers that Home Is Where You Find It


PRESS RELEASE / October 7, 2022 (Cambridge, MA) – Artifact Cider Project, launched in 2014, today announces Feels Like Home, a spin-off brand by the name of the cidery’s perennial fan favorite cider. Known for showcasing the diversity of hard cider through unique and delicious offerings highlighting the full range of the cider category, Artifact Cider Project expands its offerings with everybody’s favorite cider – a lineup of the ultimate, perfectly balanced, and ultra-crushable ciders.


Featuring four all-natural flavors, the Feels Like Home series offers a comforting reminder to imbibers that home is where you find it. The Classic original blend (5.4% ABV) is a fresh and juicy go-to that embodies Autumn orchard days and the cozy comfort of home. New flavors include Blueberry (5% ABV), bursting with wild blueberry flavors and reminiscent of summer, bold and tropical Double Rum (6.8% ABV) that evokes chill tropical island vibes, and the special Extra Juicy (5.0% ABV), a golden, full-flavored cider exclusively available in the 8-pack variety pack. The beautiful and instantly memorable plaid cans, plus easy-to-carry packaging, make the series even more portable and accessible than ever before.


“It’s really exciting to have a cider so popular and recognizable that it can carry its own brand”, says Soham Bhatt, co-founder and head cidermaker at Artifact Cider Project. “With Feels Like Home, we can focus on imbibers who crave easygoing, juicy, and delicious ciders all year long while continuing to deliver the steadfast Artifact Cider Project drinkers the complex, daring ciders they love. Each line is crafted with the same high standard of quality, attention to detail, and forward-thinking mission that Artifact Cider Project is known for, all while highlighting the uniquely different ends of the cider spectrum.”


About Artifact Cider Project

Artifact Cider Project makes cider for the new Northeast. Using local apples and innovative cidermaking practices, they create ciders that are as authentic, eclectic, and forward-looking as the region they come from.

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