From now through August, a portion of proceeds from all Arctic Chill products will be donated to the Movemeant Foundation, which supports body positivity and inclusion through wellness


PRESS RELEASE / June 9, 2021 (Boston, MA) – Summer is fast approaching, and with it, the annual pressure to have a “summer bod.” Arctic Chill Hard Seltzer – the hard seltzer made with Polar Seltzer – wants to shift the conversation away from the pressure and toward a place of positivity.

According to a new national survey from Arctic Chill, 41% of Americans are more focused on taking care of their body as a result of the pandemic. To promote the power of body positivity and life-balance and help others on a path to self-empowerment, Arctic Chill has announced a new summer-long partnership with figure skating champion and Olympian Ashley Wagner.

As an athlete performing at the elite level for more than a decade and a vocal advocate for body positivity, Wagner understands more than anyone how outside voices, and our own internal monologue, can impact the way we feel about ourselves and our body.

To bring greater awareness to this issue, Arctic Chill and Wagner are helping raise funds for the Movemeant Foundation, a national charity that works to make fitness accessible, fun and empowering, while shifting the conversation away from weight loss and typical beauty ideals to one of body positivity. A portion of all proceeds from all Arctic Chill sales now through August will be donated to the organization.

“After competing as a figure skater for so long, it took me time after retirement to realize that skating was something I did, not who I was – I had to find comfort in my body and rediscover my confidence without a full face of makeup or intense training regime,” said Wagner, three-time national figure skating champion and Winter Games bronze medalist. “At the same time, I didn’t want to restrict myself with what I put in my body, but rather eat and drink in a mindful way that is sustainable long-term. I’m so excited to be partnering with Arctic Chill not only because I love their hard seltzers, but because of their commitment to empowering men and women alike to feel good in their bodies.”

According to the national survey from Arctic Chill, nearly a quarter (23%) of Americans have negative feelings towards their body image, with 50% of the population comparing themselves to others at least once a month.

When looking at their definition of ‘happiness’ in life, more than half (53%) of Americans say that happiness is directly correlated to feeling comfortable in their body. What would help people feel more comfortable in their skin? The survey reveals that 47% of Americans say it would be a more balanced approach to health and wellness.

“Arctic Chill was made to be a beverage you could feel good about drinking. We want to help our fans maintain a sense of balance when they are drinking that doesn’t sacrifice fun or flavor,” said Jon London, Chief Marketing Officer at Mass. Bay Brewing Company, maker of Arctic Chill. “Partnering with Ashley to support the Movemeant Foundation allows us to make a real impact, and Arctic Chill is proud to be supporting their mission of promoting body positivity and inclusion through wellness.”

The donation will go to the Movemeant Foundation’s Wellness for All grant program. With the goal of making fitness more accessible for everyone, the grants from this program are offered to females, women of color entrepreneurs, and organizations committed to making health and wellness inclusive to female BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities.

Arctic Chill is the hard seltzer for people who genuinely love seltzer. Made with Polar Seltzer, Arctic Chill tastes just like real seltzer and features the same natural fruit flavors and essences consumers have come to know and love from its non-alcoholic counterpart. Arctic Chill is 5% ABV, has 0g of sugar, is made with no artificial sweeteners and is naturally gluten-free.


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About Arctic Chill Hard Seltzer

Arctic Chill Hard Seltzer is produced by Boston-based Mass. Bay Brewing Company. Developed in collaboration with Polar Seltzer, Arctic Chill is defined by its unparalleled carbonation, signature Polar fruit flavors, and real seltzer taste. All Arctic Chill recipes feature Polar Seltzer as the main ingredient. Crisp and refreshing, Arctic Chill offers an authentic way to enjoy hard seltzer year-round. To learn more, visit or visit the brand on social @DrinkArcticChill.


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