It was a busy week of drinking with family and friends. So busy that we couldn’t settle on just three recommendations and decided to make three each. Remember, we’re not really beer reviewers, we just like to tell people when we think a beer is especially good. Here’s what we thought was really good this week. Hopefully you’ll agree with us.

PM Dawn Coffee Stout by Trillium

Neither of us are coffee drinkers, but we do enjoy a good coffee beer from time to time – and this one is truly great. A collaboration with Barrington Coffee Roasters, it’s a bold American stout infused with cold-brewed coffee. From the Trillium website: “it exhibits an earthy, freshly roasted coffee bean and dark chocolate nose, with flavors of vanilla, hot chocolate, caramel and espresso, and a medium to heavy body, luscious mouthfeel, and light bitterness.” Currently, Trillium beers are only available at the Boston or Canton breweries.

Greeting from SKIBB from Castle Island Brewing

Castle Island’s first barrel-aged offering is a whiskey flavored, yet remarkably balanced beer.

Greetings From SKIBB by Castle Island Brewing

Their first barrel-aged offering, and judging by this one we hope it’s not their last, is the result of a collaboration with West Cork Distillers of Ireland. Named after Skibbereen, the town in Ireland that the distillery calls home, this lavish, sumptuous barrel-aged export stout with flavors of charred oak, rich vanilla, and hints of dark fruit. Aged in West Cork’s finest whiskey barrels, it’s a smooth, balanced, and truly splendid beer. A limited release, it’s available in four-packs of 16-ounce cans and 22-ounce bomber bottles.

Green American IPA from Tree House

Reportedly a favorite of the in-house crew of the Tree House brewery, this 7.5% New Style IPA uses Australian and American hops to create a heavy, tropical offering “with hugely flavorful notes of lemon-lime, pineapple, orange sorbet, and tangerine,” according to their own description. “It has a soft but pointed bitterness and a rich, velvety mouth feel. Intensely kettle and dry hopped yet balanced and flavorful.” As you probably know, to get Tree House beer you have to make the trek to its Charlton brewery, and likely wait in line a while. But for serious IPA drinkers, this beer is worth it.

Post Shift Pilsner from Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

An often overlooked beer style, the pilsner is a crisp refreshing easy-drinking beer, perfect for the end of the day. We could describe the beer, but why not hear what Jack himself has to say: “There will be no working during drinking hours! Brewed with Bavarian malt and hops, this everyday Pilsner (just 4.3% ABV) is bright, crisp and refreshing. We think it’s the perfect way to end the work day. Clock out, post-up and enjoy!” Widely available on draft and in 16-ounce cans.

Conversation flows as effervescently as beer in Iron Duke’s welcoming taproom.

Generosity from Iron Duke Brewing

Hopefully you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving weekend as we did, spent with friends, family, and great beer. We’re always grateful to spend time chatting and throwing back pints in the Iron Duke taproom, set in Stockhouse 122 at the historic Ludlow Mills complex. Generosity is their way of saying thank you to the countless friends and family that have been so generous with their time. This 5.8% American Lager has a bold, malty sweetness, goes down smooth, and finishes with oak and vanilla. The perfect companion with a good conversation.

34 Robust Porter from Idle Hands Craft Ales

As described on the Idle Hands website, this tribute to David Ortiz is “a robust porter for a robust player, showing our appreciation and love for a Boston legend. 34 will assault your palate with flavors of dark chocolate, burnt caramel and dark fruit while the sturdy malt body provides ample strength to hit anything thrown at it. A touch of sweetness persists through the finish balancing out the strong character found throughout the beer.” It was perfect with our second helping of mom’s pumpkin pie.





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