PRESS RELEASE / May 13, 2024 (Scituate, MA) – Scituate’s Untold Brewing has been recognized as a “green
beverage producer” by the recently launched BetterBev Recognition program. The distinction was awarded by the UMass Boston Green Brewery Project as part of a coalition of New England states receiving support from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pollution Prevention (P2) Grants. About 50 or so of the region’s more than 600 breweries have earned recognition so far.

Among the factors that make Untold Brewing one of the state’s most environmentally conscious breweries is a culture of efficiency led by head brewer and sustainability lead Pete Weafer. Through steadfast water conservation measures his brewing team has achieved a water-to-beer ratio of just 3.5 to 1, less than half the industry average for mid-sized breweries. And it’s not just water conservation Untold excels at, it also takes admirable measures to decrease the strength of its wastewater before discharging to the local treatment plant. The organic solids from the brewing process, including yeast and hop residue, are side-streamed and composted while all the spent grain goes to a local farm for animal feed.

Untold has also been an industry leader in the reduction of plastic waste, earning a Reduce, Reuse, Repair Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection to implement a consumer take-back program that rescues and reuses some 25,000 can carriers annually. It also piloted a reusable pallet wrap operating procedure that diverts more than 16,000 feet of plastic stretch wrap from the waste stream. Combined, the two measures save the brewery nearly $5,000 in packaging costs and waste hauling fees each year.



The decrease in plastic waste also means fewer harmful emissions impacting local air quality as a result of landfill or incineration. Additionally, Untold has significantly reduced its need for purchased CO2 used in various brewhouse operations. By implementing industry best practices and adjusting SOPs, the Untold team has lowered its use by some 40% and continues to make year-over-year improvements.

BetterBev was created to help beverage producers fully understand their environmental practices, principles, and impact, with the goal of reducing production inefficiencies, improving health and safety, and conserving natural resources. Recognition is earned after a beverage producer’s state oversight organization works with them to perform an audit and assessment of their environmental practices and impact. The process covers criteria ranging from water use to energy efficiency and conservation to waste reduction and even environmental culture.

For a list of the oversight organizations responsible for managing the green beverage producer program in each New England state visit the BetterBev website.

About Untold Brewing 

Established in 2017, Untold Brewing is a leading independent craft brewery based in Scituate, MA. Founded by town native, Matt Elder, the brewery has grown to regional attention, with their focus on clean, high-quality ales and lagers. Their production brewery features a renovated 1852 one-room schoolhouse as a taproom, plus a production space, patio and lawn just steps from the Greenbush commuter rail station and historic Scituate Harbor. Beyond producing award winning beer, Untold is committed to sustainable environmental practices and collaborates with local non-profits to raise funds and awareness for important causes.

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