PRESS RELEASE / May 28, 2024 (Framingham, MA) – Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing has been recognized as a “green beverage producer” by the recently launched BetterBev Recognition program. The distinction was awarded by the UMass Boston Green Brewery Project as part of a coalition of New England states receiving support from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pollution Prevention (P2) Grants. About 50 of New England’s more than 600 breweries have earned recognition so far, with half of those located in Massachusetts.

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing is exemplary in sourcing environmentally conscious ingredients for its beer, with nearly 200,000 pounds of locally grown and malted grain used in its 2023 production. A founding member of the Northeast Grainshed Alliance, a diverse group of growers, processors and other organizations committed to increasing demand for regionally grown grains, Exhibit ‘A’ has calculated that, on average, each case of its beer supports 80 square feet of local farmland used to grown grain. In addition to supporting local agriculture, much of which uses regenerative techniques rather than industrial farming methods, it decreases the brewery’s scope 3 (supply chain) greenhouse gas emissions.

Exhibit ‘A’ is also commendable in its water and energy conservation efforts. The brewhouse team employs a variety of standard operating procedures to use as little water as possible and has achieved an enviable 6 to 1 water-to-beer ratio, below the industry average according to the Brewers Association benchmark data. In addition to energy conservation measures including motion sensor LED lighting throughout the facility and programmable thermostats to maintain consistent temperatures, Exhibit ‘A’ has enrolled in community solar to source its electricity from renewable energy produced by local solar arrays.

BetterBev was created to help beverage producers fully understand their environmental practices, principles, and impact, with the goal of reducing production inefficiencies, improving health and safety, and conserving natural resources. Recognition is earned after a beverage producer’s state oversight organization works with them to perform an audit and assessment of their environmental practices and impact. The process covers criteria ranging from water use to energy efficiency and conservation to waste reduction and even environmental culture.

For a list of the oversight organizations responsible for managing the green beverage producer program in each New England state visit the BetterBev website.


About Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing 

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company is a brewery located in Framingham, MA that focuses on high quality, artisanal beers using high quality ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. It was established in 2016 and was named the 2019 Small Business of the Year by the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce for its commitment to the MetroWest community. The brewery offers a fun look at storytelling through beer with a subtle nod towards the meaning of life.

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