PRESS RELEASE / January 2, 2023 (Whitinsville, MA) – Murder Hill LLC, a newly established brewery, is thrilled to announce the forthcoming opening of its brewery and taproom in early 2024. The brewery and taproom will offer a wide range of original brews and collaborations, as well as food and occasional entertainment.

Nestled within the historic Linwood Mill complex at 670 Linwood Ave, Whitinsville, MA, the standalone building offers a picturesque setting situated just feet from the Mumford River at the Linwood Pond Dam Waterfall. The 2400 square foot space was originally refurbished and occupied by Purgatory Beer Co.


Co-founders, wife and husband, Adrienne and Ben Roesch are gearing up to deliver an authentically unique taproom experience. Adrienne, managing the taproom and customer experience, emphasizes the prime location in South Central Worcester County. The building sits in the Blackstone National Heritage Corridor- the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, surrounded by nature and recreational gems like Purgatory Chasm and the Blackstone River Bikeway. Adrienne says “ We are excited to be a part of the mill’s long and industrious history.”

Ben, a 23 year veteran of the Massachusetts craft beer industry, co-founder of Wormtown Brewery, and creator of “Be Hoppy”, will oversee brewing operations with a focus on Northeast Grainshed grown base malts and select New England grown hops, promising a diverse beer selection for the Blackstone Valley. “Brewing locally sourced award-winning beers is my passion and I can’t wait to share that with our customers” says Ben.

The moniker for the brewery comes from the nickname the couple gave to the woods on the hill surrounding their home. They were inspired by the families of crows nesting in the treetops. After observing how resourceful, mischievous, determined, intelligent, and collaborative the birds were, all qualities they value, the decision was made to name their family run business “Murder Hill”.

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