PRESS RELEASE / August 9, 2023 (Belmont, MA) – WE HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE. Craft Beer Cellar Belmont and Trinktisch are for sale.We have had the time of our lives being your local beer & wine store, and now your beer hall & gathering place. But, we feel that the time has come for us to get back to ourselves, each other, and to look towards building on our experiences to further explore excellence in hospitality, in the retail and restaurant segment (Craft Beer Cellar Co), and beer industry education, in a new light.

It has been an absolute humbling honor to have been fortunate enough to become a part of this amazing Belmont community, and specifically Belmont Center. We could not have come this far, were it not for all of you. Your loyalty, support, and yes, friendship, made the hard days manageable, and the good days even better. From watching your kids grow up, to feeding your furry friends, we couldn’t have imagined a more wonderful community to open and run a business in.

We are not leaving Belmont. And no, we are not leaving the beer industry. We have a brand to build (Craft Beer Cellar Franchise), places to visit, beers to judge, books to write, and so many more contributions to make in beer. We have given our heart and soul to our businesses and now it’s time to take a step back, stay grateful for our experiences, and forge a new trail ahead. We are simply tired and ready to change gears, and feel certain that now is the time to make this change in our lives. After 13 years of selling and supporting amazing beer, making treasured friends, and proudly watching some of our employees go on to become change-makers in this industry, it feels like the right time.

photo by Dina Rudick/Boston Globe

What we are doing is actively seeking a local individual, family, or group, to pick up where we will leave off. Someone who has the same fire and drive for providing an exceptional experience, by selling and supporting the very best in beer, wine, cider, food, and more! Someone who feels as strongly as we do, that all are welcome at our table, and in our shop. In short, we are mapping out our succession plan. We are in search of like-minded people, interested in purchasing Craft Beer Cellar Belmont and Trinktisch, likely to be sold separately. We understand what it would take to purchase and run both businesses, as we have been doing. Please note: we will not be using the services of an outside broker; we are not looking to inflate the selling price to pay for these services. Our price(s) will be non-negotiable, as we are looking generally at the value of what the business is worth, based on assets and growth.

We plan to remain present to a buyer as long as they feel that they need us, or through the end of the year. There’s a lot to do and a lot to pass on to a new owner. We look forward to assisting the right person or group in obtaining all the information they need to run a successful and flagship Craft Beer Cellar location. Please note: we will be selling to someone with a fresh supply of passion and dedication, someone who values excellence in hospitality and amazing beer & food as much as we do. If this is not you, no need to inquire further.

We cannot say it loud or often enough: we are so truly grateful. And saying “thank you” couldn’t possibly suffice. But we do thank you, resoundingly, and always!Kate & Suzanne :heart:



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