PRESS RELEASE / April 18, 2024 (CHICOPEE, MA) – Censored Munky Brewing Company announces the launch of its inaugural beer “Freee Speeech!!!”. Based in Chicopee, Censored Munky is in partnership with White Lion Brewing Company out of Springfield to contract brew and distribute the inaugural beer, with forthcoming plans for Censored Munky to have a brewing operation and tasting room in Chicopee, an effort that will employ 3-5 people initially.

Two of the founders have over 100 years of family roots in Chicopee. “There was no better place to start our company than in Chicopee, where there is a working-class culture, and our French/Irish family roots are from the area. This all speaks to our passion for great beer, to have fun, and to have lively conversations”, says Rick Roque, area investment banker and Co-Founder.

Freee Speeech!!! is an American IPA that has a mild hop profile with hints of tropical fruit and citrus that is smooth and clear. Censored Munky pairs its beer with design concepts to illustrate political satire in this heavily politicized climate. The company intends to launch an assortment of beers to make fun of political parties, elected officials, conspiracies, and anything else the Munky desires.

“We made Freee Speeech!!! our flagship beer and first design because of the importance of the First Amendment”, says John Phillips, Chicopee resident, Chief Munky and Co-Founder. “It was a revolutionary concept and freedom that was won in the days of old. It took power away from those who controlled information. We should always strive for truth, dialogue, and laughter”.

Tommy Reynolds, Co-Founder, states “Our t-shirts, merchandise, can designs and messaging bring a fresh perspective on the world we live in with humor, wit, sarcasm and satire. By combining visual aids, a paired unique taste, and a thirst for laughter, we aim to bring people together via a shared vision; we realized censorship sucks.”

Freee Speeech!!! will be available at liquor stores, bars, and restaurants across Massachusetts starting April 20, 2024. It will be on tap at White Lion Brewing Company in both Springfield MA and Amherst MA, and at Massie’s American Bistro in Chicopee MA beginning on April 20th.

Make sure to follow us on social media as well as check the website,, for availability updates and announcements.

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