With the creation of Tasty Liquid Alliance, Aeronaut and DBco will achieve economies of scale in the craft beer industry for their new partnership and other craft beer brands looking to unite


PRESS RELEASE / December 14, 2023 (Dorchester and Everett, MA) – Somerville-based Aeronaut Brewing Company, known for its innovative craft beers and community-driven ethos, and Dorchester Brewing Company, a cornerstone in the New England and Tri-State craft beer scene, today announced the intent to merge their two businesses, with the transaction anticipated to close in Q3 of 2024. This marks a significant step in strengthening their positions in the rapidly evolving craft beer industry.

While the beer brands will stay separate and function independently, they will be owned under a new parent entity: Tasty Liquid Alliance. This new Alliance will leverage pooled resources and expertise with the mission of elevating and growing the craft beer experiences for the two founding businesses, along with regional emerging brands looking to unify.

Along with producing their own beer brands, Dorchester Brewing and Aeronaut provide Partner/Contract brewing services for a combined 20 regional and national brands. They plan to continue providing this service, renewing their commitments to these beverage brands without any interruption of service.

“The merger and partnership with Aeronaut represents an exciting new chapter for Dorchester Brewing and the craft beer community as a whole. By pooling our resources and expertise, we are poised to make a more substantial impact in the industry and beyond,” said  Matthew Malloy, CEO of Dorchester Brewing Co, and future CEO of the combined entity. “We feel the industry is beginning to consolidate and we want to be at the forefront of this landscape shift and work hand-in-hand with other growing breweries as we look to the future while keeping diversity, experimentation and open cultures intact. We look to add other like-minded, growing beverage makers into the alliance in short order.”

Central to this union is the shared cultural values of both companies. Aeronaut and DBco have long been committed to supporting local communities and the arts. This merger will further this commitment, enabling the joint entity to make even more significant positive impacts in these areas. “It’s a natural pairing and we’re beyond thrilled to join forces with Dorchester Brewing Company”, said Ronn Friedlander, Co-CEO of Aeronaut. “Together, through events and donations we will continue to invest in our diverse teams and community engagement programs that support and enhance the communities we serve. Combined, we will bring more resources and skills to this mission, while also continuing to innovate and serve our loyal customers with an even wider range of exceptional beers and fermented liquids.”

This merger will consolidate Aeronaut Brewing Company’s production with Dorchester Brewing Company’s cutting-edge facility, phasing out Aeronaut’s Everett production site. This strategic alignment of resources and expertise will not only streamline operations but also foster a hotbed of innovation and creativity while driving significant savings and efficiencies and future high-margin new business. The two companies aim to transition as many Aeronaut production employees as possible to the Dorchester facility. Aeronaut will continue to produce small batch beers for its own brand at their Somerville location, and the Everett Cannery taproom will continue to operate into 2024.

To learn more, visit: https://www.dorchesterbrewing.com/ and https://www.aeronautbrewing.com/

About Aeronaut Brewing Company

Aeronaut Brewing Company was founded in 2014 and built on a love of experimentation. Aeronaut brings a scientific approach to traditional, emerging and undefined beer styles to create provocative recipes and brew them to high quality standards. Aeronaut’s Somerville taproom has become a local institution, hosting thousands of people each week, and hundreds of community events throughout the year. Aeronaut beer is sold throughout Massachusetts and in most of New England. Aeronaut’s mission is to share the excitement and enjoyment of adventurous, inspired beer with their community. https://www.aeronautbrewing.com/

About Dorchester Brewing Company

Dorchester Brewing Company was founded in 2016 by a team of Boston professionals with an unnatural love of craft beer, to meet production demands for the local craft beer industry while supporting the economic development of Dorchester. In 2020, Dorchester Brewing expanded their Tap Room space to include a 4-season rooftop greenhouse, a game room, restaurant and more, while continuing to help other local and national brewing partners to increase their beer production. https://www.dorchesterbrewing.com/

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