With announcement of dual-release, Smuttynose ready to get back to business


PRESS RELEASE / October 22, 2018 (Hampton, NH) — On October 26th Smuttynose Brewing Company will release two new year-round IPAs, Whole Lotta Lupulin, a smooth-drinking Double IPA, and Mysterious Haze, a medium-bodied double dry-hopped New England IPA. Both of these beers will be in 16oz cans with fresh branding and label art. The dual release will kick off during the last week of October with targeted release parties at bars and restaurants throughout New England. Whole Lotta Lupulin and Mysterious Haze will both be available and in widespread distribution beginning October 29th. Fans are encouraged to check in with @Smuttynose on Facebook to see which locations in their state are holding a Whole Lotta Lupulin and Mysterious Haze release party.

After ownership transition last spring to a local family-owned NH investment firm, Runnymede Investments LLC, Smuttynose has already made strides towards the future. In the past several months, Smuttynose has increased its staff to 84 full-time and part-time workers, added new brand and marketing teams, and beefed up their sales team with more representatives and accounts managers.

“As New Hampshire’s leading craft brewery, we couldn’t be prouder of Mysterious Hazeand Whole Lotta Lupulin,” said Smuttynose CEO Richard Lindsay. “Our brewing team has been working hard and has delivered a New England IPA and Double IPA that meets our expectations in terms of taste and quality. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s also quiteexciting to be releasing both beers in a 4-pack / 16-ounce format. We are really makinggreat strides since our ownership transition that occurred in April of this year.”

Smuttynose will post all updates on new monthly beer releases and events to their Facebook page. Follow them on Facebook @Smuttynose for updates and for more information on the NEIPA and DIPA release events.


Mysterious Haze IPA

Style: New England Style IPA
ABV: 6.7%
Package: 16oz four-pack can, draft
Release: October 2018
Availability: Smuttynose Distribution Network


Whole Lotta Lupulin

Style: Double IPA
ABV: 8.6%
Package: 16oz four-pack can, draft
Release: October 2018
Availability: Smuttynose Distribution Network



About Smuttynose

For nearly twenty five years, our mission here at Smuttynose has remained the same: to brew the best beer we can in a way we can be proud of. That includes honoring New England’s rich beermaking history, respecting our environment, and playing an active role in our community.

We value creativity, quality, authenticity and sustainability, but it really boils down to making great beers to enjoy with friends and family. We hope you love drinking our beers as much as we love brewing them. Cheers!

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