October is for pumpkins.

Our Slumkin Pumpkin Ale is made with over 100 pounds of fresh sugar pumpkins per batch. The nose is reminiscent of when Grandma’s pumpkin pie comes right out of the oven. Unlike other pumpkin ales, Slumkin does not rely on pie spices to deliver that full pumpkin flavor. This beer is au naturel, and you can taste the difference.

6% ABV

The Slumkin Roll Call

Available at American Fresh Brewhouse in Assembly Row & Somerville Brewing Company’s Taproom at 15 Ward St

1. Slumkin Shandy

Slumkin Ale mixed with fresh apple cider and ice. The epitome of Fall in a glass

2. Dark + Scary

Slumkin Ale with Porter Square Porter. Don’t be afraid of the dark!

3. Slumkin Pumpkin Ale

All. The. Pumpkin.

Come try our:

Gourded A hoppy pumpkin ale with a spicy nose and light vanilla finish

Only at
Somerville Brewing Company + Taproom
American Fresh Brewhouse Assembly Row




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